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Is Phoenix, Arizona a good place to live?

Hey people,I currently live in Califonia but the economy is really bad. gas prices are high, home values are decreasing enormously, and the job market is at it's worst! When an economy is like this the crime rate goes up.. I believe..

well...My main concern is not the homes. or the gas.. rather the jobs!! And the crime rate... I'm not doing so good here in California, so how is Phoenix, Arizona to live there, as far as jobs and is it a nice safe place to live in??Thanks!! please let me know as much info as you can...

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    Try this web site for great info on any city in the US.

    good luck.

  • Teresa
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    Downtown Phoenix is not a condo lofty kind of place. They're trying to make it, but the only time it's happening is when there's a ball game or concert. There's a lot of construction going on there so it's really congested right now, especially with the light rail system going in. If she's working in Goodyear, it's a far drive. The plus is that she would be commuting the opposite way of traffic. A lot of people that live in Goodyear work downtown. Goodyear and Palm valley are really nice areas why not live there? If she likes the night life, she should consider Glendale and Peoria. There's a few places there, but she can also jump on the freeway towards Tempe and Scottsdale and not be too far from work.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Phoenix is a good place to live if you are looking for a stable job, low crime rate, and no snow. But if you enjoy <a href=" to phoenix</a> may not be right for you because even though the weather isn't cold there, it is generally too hot to do anything outside except visit a water park every once in awhile but even that gets old.

    At any rate, pound for pound, Phoenix Arizona is an awesome place to live because there are also numerous smaller benefits to living there that are easy to overlook. These benefits include: nice roads, less of a homeless population than most major US cities (no beggars out on every street corner there), and less ghettos. Even if you do get stuck in a bad neighborhood it won't be very long until you begin entering good neighborhoods again.

  • J
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    Phoenix is a great place to live.

    Depends on what part you live in though, every place has a "bad" neighborhood. The economy is not that great for anyone right now, the gas prices are still 4 dollars and the house market isn't moving anywhere. A house around where I live usually costs about 350,000 if you're lucky for the cheapest. But I love Arizona, it's just as chilled and layed back as California is, but things are cheaper here.

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  • Anonymous
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    ONe thing if i were you i would move into mesa instead because some parts of phoenix are a wee questionable. They are really strict in arizona about crimes and they have gone down a lot. Downtown phoenix is so cool to work in i mean the baseball and basketball arena's the food and the buildings are big it's a clean area but you have to park in an big cement building where you have to validate your parking and possibly walk across the street i mean it is a great place to work and the people are very friendly !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I say stay in California. Majority of jobs are low paying. All the suburbs are brown with the same shopping malls every 3 blocks or so.. People tend to be impatient stuck up and nasty. A lot of immature grownups here. Education and being educated is kind of frowned upon. You're being uppity if you say something educated. Hidden right wing agenda. Preponderance of Xenophobes. Got tired of going to the bookstore and meeting some bright woman from Michigan who came down as a teacher and found that her fellow teachers had associates degrees. Thats what happened everytime I went to the book store except it was a new person. Almost everywhere I go I find snobs and I don't even go to Scottsdale. Anyhow, I got a house for sale here if you catch my drift.

  • Mr T
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    Nearly perfect year-round weather and several impeccably designed championship courses have made Phoenix one of the top golf destinations in the world. But there's more to this mild-mannered metropolis than pristine greens and tee times. The greater Phoenix area also offers visitors an array of impressive cultural attractions. Visit the internationally renowned Heard Museum for an in-depth look at Native American history or peruse the fine collection at the Phoenix Museum of Art. Enjoy a ballet performance at the ornate Orpheum Theater or catch a Broadway show at the state-of-the-art Dodge. In addition to golf, the city offers access to numerous outdoor endeavors including rock climbing, hot-air ballooning, desert jeep tours and more. Family-friendly attractions, first-rate shopping, dining and entertainment, and spectacular recreational activities make Phoenix a must-visit destination.

    more on here,

    *I know you stated "good place to live" I typed that same phrase and I clicked on the first result. Others were were not helpful

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    I moved here in August 07 and am moving in about 3 weeks. Now, that's not to say it's not a good place. It has it's good points. One reason so many of us come here is BECAUSE of the jobs. Since that's your main concern, here's something to consider

    The area is great if you're educated and experienced since from what I've seen, education is not a major concern of the populous here. So, I was able to take my pick over offers.

    However, if you don't have a degree, certifications, or professional experience, etc, then you'll have a lot of competition for low end jobs

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Is Phoenix, Arizona a good place to live?

    Hey people,I currently live in Califonia but the economy is really bad. gas prices are high, home values are decreasing enormously, and the job market is at it&#39;s worst! When an economy is like this the crime rate goes up.. I believe..

    well...My main concern is not the homes. or the gas.....

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    Phoenix is not that great compared to anywhere in California.

    Housing and gas may be a little cheaper in AZ, but you will pay more for utilities (cost alot to run the A/C and you will need if for at least six months or more). Car insurance is more due to car theft and uninsured motorists.

    There are jobs in AZ, but the wages in are much lower than CA. So you might pay less for a few things but will be making much less too.

    Personally i think the crime in Phoenix is horrible! A city ridden with mall and drive by shootings, rapes, home invasion robberies, and meth addicts is not a pleasant safe place to live.

    I grew up in Phoenix and it WAS a nice city many many years ago, but has turned into a sprawling concrete jungle filled with crime and illegals you pay taxes to support.

    The govt. in AZ is much more uptight and narrow minded than CA. To me that is a minus.

    The heat..... Are you prepared for spending summmer days stuck inside because it's 110 out, and will only cool to 100 by 9pm? Too much crime for a female to be out after dark.

    I moved from Phoenix to CA twice and wish i had not left California the last time. You might want to look into a different area of CA. Maybe things will be better for you there. But seriously re-think any move to AZ. It's not that great comared to CA.

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    I currently live in Chandler (one of the suburbs of phoenix) and i think that it is a GREAT place to live.

    if you're a smart person and you work hard you will have no problem finding a job. and as for safe.... phoenix has it's bad areas just like any other major city in america. but don't worry because for the most part it is safe (just stay away from broadway st.) but i think you should totally move here. you'll love it. : ]

    ps.. our gas prices are shooting through the roof too!! *4.12$*

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