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Freshwater fish identification (I'm in FLORIDA)?

You guys, I caught a weird lookin fish today and I can't figure out what it is. I can't get the picture on the computer for some reason, so i'll be as descriptive as possible.

It was red and not very big.. He was maybe 10 inches long and had a very wide body, like a panfish. Short, flat teeth and one long dorsal fin. He had dark (maybe blue) stripes (about 5 or 6) and a spot on his tail that was maybe a half inch in diameter. he had two fins on the bottom. Kind of looked like a flier but was BRIGHT red, had the stripes and the spot on the tail. Any ideas on what it could be?


The stripes were VERTICAL

Update 2:

Golden Feather, I've already been to that site and I've found nothing.

Update 3:

REDFISH DONT HAVE STRIPES and its shaped more like a perch. Dont answer if you dont know what you're talking about.

Update 4:

I'm in lake worth. I don't believe it was an oscar, but thanks for trying... if oscars had organized vertical stripes (like peacocks only 6 instead of 3) and had a spot on the tail thats what the fish looks like

Update 5:

i found out wat it was... a mayan chiclad

Update 6:


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    It sounds like an Oscar. If you're anywhere around the Everglades it's loaded with them.

    EDIT: Here is a picture of an oscar, but this picture is green. I've caught plenty of oscars and I've vever seen a green one. They are always red, and most of the time they're flaming bright red.


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    I think it is a Peacock bass. Maybe the smaller version, the Butterfly Peacock Bass. They have been in Florida waters for awhile now and are getting popular with the sport fishermen.

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    Hmm....maybe a banded sunfish? They don't grow very long, and they have that "panfish" loko to them.

    I'd check it out. The spot on the tail isn't common, but I think it happens. The stripes, however, it does have those.

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    Snakes are cool. in case you want a particular type, i admire rainbow boas. they are fairly neat finding. and that i admire bearded dragons. Used to have a bearded named Spike and a rosy boa named Spot. They have been the two fairly cool.

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    some of you guys saying its an oscar a bass they both dont have black spots thats how people identify redfish or channel bass

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    There's a section in Walmart (sporting, camping, fishing area) where you can ask and they have a chart there or books with charts there about different florida fish. You are sure to find a picture of it there.

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    Sounds like you caught a Red Drum or other wise known as a Red Fish.


    Try here

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