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Are there any short or long-term health risks associated with listening to Rihanna?

I seem to have developed hives from 'Umbrella.'

Thanks in advance.

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    I think the FDA is looking into it...

    But do not listen to Rihanna if your pregnant, may become pregnant, have kidney or liver disease, have depression, anxiety or other serious health problems.

    Ask your doctor before listening to Rihanna or going on a Rihanna regimen.

    Hope that helps!

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    Yes, lukemia should be considered and long term health risks as well. People working at or near any nuclear facility probably make more money than if the people in the same business located 50+ miles away from a nuclear plant would. I would have to say it's because of the hazardous exposure. Do you enjoy life? Please consider your family children or future children when considering an employment position of this kind. You can check with the local health board to find out about any medical findings near this facility. Good Luck

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    OMG! I was just saying the same thing to my friend the other day. She popped in her CD and I gave her the look and she was like "WHAT?!" I pointed out the fact that she sounds like one of those mentally challenged kids that wear a helmet and ride the short bus to school . She listened for a minute and popped the CD back out and whispered "so." POINT MADE!!!

    Anyone listening to her album for any length of time will not finish their words when speaking. " ITS Rain....A...."

    Rihanna? I call her mush mouth for short.

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    yes one can develop "chavitis"symptoms include,wearing fake gold,wearing trackuits and developing a huge butt,cravings for stodgy food,an urge to quit work and watch daytime tv,an urge to breed and produce as many kids as one can,cravings for cheap beer and gutrot cider,tourette like symptoms with the word **** in every sentance,this is a serious illness but can be reversed by throwing out all rhianna cds etc and listening to good music

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. Bleeding ears, headaches, suicidal tendencies, hives, and brain damage.

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    Yeah I know, but I'm worried about the long-term risks from looking at her. She's hot!

    The Catholic Church says that I'll go blind.

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    Short term nose bleeds, long term brain damage.

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    Yes, it will be raining more than ever.

    but don't worry. You can always stand under my umbrella.

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    yes, you will always cringe when hearing a nasal voice after listening to her too much.

    other side effects include: nausea, indigestion, heart burn, migranes, sleeplessness, depression, and anxiety

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    Stay inside then :)..trying to catch rays outside can get you hives :P

    But for real, umm I doubt you can catch hives from listening to music.

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