How do I cite Department of Justice statistics in APA format?


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    Government publications -- print or archival copies that are easy to locate and obtain.

    Author. (Year). Title of publication (Report number). Place of publication: Publisher.

    - Note: The author is listed first, as in Last name, Initials. If you cannot find an author, treat the government department, office, agency, or institute that produced the report as the corporate author. If the report number is given, insert it in parentheses after the title. If the organization that produced the report is not well known, precede its name with the name of the organization of which it is a part.

    U.S. Department of Justice. (1995). Correctional Statistics in the U.S., 1992. Washington, DC: Author.

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    try out EazyPaper. all you do is put the information in the insert reference form and it does the rest.

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