What is the difference between repressed memories and suppressed memories?

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    ♥ Repressed memory : A repressed memory is the memory of a traumatic event unconsciously retained in the mind, where it is said to adversely affect conscious thought, desire, and action

    ♥ Suppressed Memory: Conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind.

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    Suppression Vs Repression

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    What is the difference between repressed memories and suppressed memories?

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    ok, i feel as if i am about to cry. My childhood was the same way. my mother was a druggie and my father, well he was beaten multiple times a day, and i spent my days hiding from my mom behind the refrigerator. Before i turned 9 these memories haunted me, i couldn't make friends and i was scared of everyone. i was severely claustrophobic and was very depressed. then one day i just couldn't take it anymore, i freaked on my teacher and ended up in the guidance counselors office. From that point on my life was changed, i made friends and i currently live with my dad and visit my mom (who got herself together) regularly. you need to see someone, at first its going to be uncomfortable, but if i had never been, the counselor said i would definitely be suicidal. i hope i helped. p.s. the whole reason i created an account was to answer this question

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