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The best Thailand beaches?

My friend and I are travelling to Thailand in August, and want to spend some time on a beach within a few hours distance from Bangkok. Suggestions?

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    Koh Samet and Hua Hin are the closest to Bangkok by bus etc. Koh Samet can get busy on weekends and holidays as a lot of Thais venture there.

    Don't go Pattaya. Crap and dirty beach, with dirty men to boot haha! Well the sex industry is the most rampant in Pattaya!

    For seclusion and if money's not a prob then Koh Mun Nork is paradise (but only if you like the seclusion and isolation).

    By plane, Koh Phangan is nice but transport takes research and a lot of coordinating with plane and ferries. But it's worth it.

    Phuket is touristy but does have a few gems (Bangtao beach, Koh Racha island). Phi Phi is overpriced but beautiful. Koh Samui is just as touristy and overpriced. Railay at Krabi is beautiful.

    Since it's August beaches around the Gulf is best weather wise (Krabi, Samui and Koh Phangan).

    The Andaman side (Phuket, Phi Phi) might get hit by rain a lot.

    Good luck!

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    I think your best bet would be Hua Hin, only about 2 to 3 hours south of Bangkok.

    The beaches in Hua Hin may not be the "best" in Thailand but there are a few to choose from in that area.

    I find them to be interesting, and enjoyable to walk along.

    I think long,flat sandy beaches can be boring, like the ones we have in Australia.

    The extra benefit of Hua Hin is the great little town to explore,should you get bored on the beach.

    Also to the north of Hua Hin is Cha Am, it has a long sandy beach and good for swimming, and water sports.

    I spent many an hour on that beach under the umbrellas, with the locals bringing food all day.

    Or to the south of Hua Hin is Dolphin Bay, another long sandy beach but a lot less people and not much else to do apart from relaxing.

    Have a great stay and enjoy the beach.

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    A few hours distance from Bangkok...

    Any place will not take longer than 2 hours if you travel by plane. I suggest you to go to Krabi, there are a lot of beaches there, but I prefer Railay beach.

    Search for *Krabi* you can found a lot of beach.

    Good luck.

    PS. For the first reply, it is "Phuket".

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    Seriously, I like Samed Island in the east but when it's not like 10,000 people on the island. Otherwise I like Chaweang beach on Samui Island same with few people as possible.

    Source(s): Samed is about 3 and a half hours by bus from Bangkok and some 30 minutes boat ride. Samui you need to fly. Samed can be quite dangerous at the moment with storm though since you need boat ride.
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    Phuket is SO overrated. And it's far from Bangkok, you'll have to fly. Koh Samui is so much better than Phuket. It is a bit closer too.

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    Puchkett (I think I spelled this right) has one of the best beaches in Thailand. It's only a few hours away and usually not over crowded.

    Source(s): Been there twice.
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