What is some gothic music i could listen to?

I am currently getting out of the whole emo fad and am going back to roots. GOTH KIDS UNITE!!! *grabs copy of JTHM* So i only know of 80's goth music. I've got fourty bucks to go spend on either itunes cards or new cd's. What is some new goth music i could listen to? NO MARLYIN MANSON!!!!

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    marlyin manson is the best but if thats not what ur looking for then here are some good bands...

    * Alien Sex Fiend

    All About Eve

    All Gone Dead

    All Living Fear

    * And Also The Trees

    Andi Sexgang



    * Aiden

    Balaam and the Angel



    Bella Morte

    * Big Electric Cat

    The Birthday Party

    Bitter Grace

    Black Ice

    The Bolshoi

    The Breath Of Life

    * Bring Me the Horizon

    Caelum Bliss

    Cauda Pavonis

    * Children on Stun

    Christian Death

    Corpus Delicti


    * The Cult

    * The Cure


    Danielle Dax

    The Dancing Did

    * Danse Society

    Dead Artist Syndrome


    Eva O

    Faith and the Muse

    Fields of Aplomb

    Fields of the Nephilim

    * The Flesh Eaters

    Frank the Baptist

    Gene Loves Jezebel

    Ghost Dance

    Gitane Demone

    Gloria Mundi


    Human Drama


    Into A Circle

    In Camera

    Inkubus Sukkubus

    * Kommunity FK

    The Last Dance

    The Last Days of Jesus


    London After Midnight

    The Lords of the New Church

    Love And Rockets

    Love Like Blood


    The Machine in the Garden

    The March Violets

    Mephisto Walz

    * Miranda Sex Garden

    The Mission UK


    Mistle Thrush

    Mors Syphilitica

    * The Naked and the Dead


    Peter Murphy

    * Play Dead

    * Radio Werewolf

    * Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

    Rhea's Obsession

    *Rosetta Stone

    Rozz Williams

    Russian Love

    * Second Skin

    Sex Gang Children

    Shadow Project

    The Shroud

    Siouxsie & the Banshees

    * The Sisterhood

    The Sisters of Mercy

    Skeletal Family

    * Solemn Novena

    Southern Death Cult


    * Strange Boutique

    Super Heroines

    * Tears for the Dying

    Theatre of Hate

    Theatre of Ice

    * Tones on Tail

    Virgin Prunes

    * The Wake

    Written In Ashes

    *= some of my favorets!

    buy some itunes that way u can get a bigger mix of songs!

    btw johnny the homicidal maniac is my all time favorite comic in the world!

    'OMG! someone but shat in my pants!!!!'

    hehe also if u havent read it you should read squee and lenor the cute dead girl!

    classic simple classic!

    good luck!

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    All about eve

    Fields of the Nephilim

    The Nephilim

    Lacuna Coil




    The Cure - Pornography is one of the best!


    Dawn of the Ashes

    Type O Negative

    Cradle of Filth

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    I don't know if you'd be interested in christian screamo, but I really good one would be Disciple. My friend is hardcore gothic, and an atheist, and she absolutely loved them.

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    **** goth music

    go listen to some real metal!!

    lamb of god, arsis, gojira, devildriver, 1349, amon amarth

    that'll get u started

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    the happy little elf's - That Sunny happy rainbow

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    move away from that music its retarded listen to sparklehorse or matt costa

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    mariah carey

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    tristania, lacuna coil, amduscia

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    HIM would be a good way to start...

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