Ouch thats hurting mommies tummy,LOL......?

Ok know one told me that as I get further in my pregnancy that those cute lil movements were going to be painfull big movements!lol

Im 31 weeks & this week has been the most painfull week (so far) that I have had with my son. He's getting more stronger & starting to seriously hurt my stomock when he moves & rolls around,Man it like stings kinda lol!

Is this how you felt when you were this far?

Is it going to get worse? (dumb question,I know it is)

Thanks & God Bless

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    I am small framed so babies hurt me so much, i actually named my first child "Zella" whitch meaning is sortof like "hostile one" She sure was a kicker! brused my ribs bad. I have heard of women having broken/cracked ribs from thier babies kicking so hard.

    I hate it when they decide to do a handstand off my bladder and kick hard against my lungs... not fun times... or when i am walking in public and they get th urge to use my bladder as a trampoline and i have to make a b-line for the bathroom before it;s to late!

    children start testing you, even at the young age of minus 4 months! UHG OWE JEEZE STOP!, DAMN CHILD! WTF U PLAYING SUPERMAN IN THERE??? OH JEEZE SHYT, CUSS CUSS CUSS, thats all you can do, and sometimes i push back, softly, but it;s fun to play with the baby, even while it is still in you.

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    Yes-as the room inside gets smaller and the baby gets bigger his movements will be more pronounced and sometimes can be very painful. Just try to grin and bear it, knowing that in a few more weeks you will have a beautiful baby and all the pain will be forgotten. Sorry to tell you that the 31 weeks movements will be nothing to the 38 week ones, not to mention labor. But i found that a heating pad work well to relax both my tummy muscles and the baby when he was in an extra fiesty mood. Best of luck!!

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    I am due my baby boy the same day as you :)

    My 3 yr old has been hearing me say ouch and has taken to yelling at my tummy 'Oi baby! Stop kicking my mummies tummy!' and then looks at means and asks if that's better now :)

    Very cute but it doesn't really help, at least he will recognise his big sister when he gets out (she be the loud one).

    I am still relatively enjoying his movements, except when he does full on bladder kicking but I think I have put on soo much extra weight this time I have plenty of protective padding!!

    Good luck with the birth! lets hope the next 9 weeks fly by!

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    Oh yeah...the movements just get bigger lol! I'm 33 weeks, and I just so happened to catch him kicking up a storm on camera yesterday! I recorded it for like 30 seconds, and it was non-stop ouches! My husband watched it last night and was freaking out and laughing at the same time. He didn't know how the baby could stretch my tummy out so far when he kicked! I'm so glad I caught it though. Although it's painful now, it's nice to look back and remember these things. Not too much longer...

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    Hang in there hun. It is almo-o-o-st over. And yes, it was so with both my prehancies as well. lol these little ones can b very very active in a veru very ouch way. Still is goo9d 2 know the baby is okay. And yes it will get worst for the next 2 or 3 weeks. After that the baby will start calming down, movements wont be as much as b4. Baby will prepare him/herself for the birth.

    And b4 u know that little one will b in your arms. Enjoy

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    try something soothing to encourage less painfull movments. Some times the child just gets hyper and moves.

    Possibly less caffine if you are taking in a lot. That can encourage lots of movements, He is getting all the food and drink and chemicals that you are.

    It will be ok. He wont hurt anything but your tummy.

    good luck

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    Kicks are just your baby's way of saying he loves you, mom! The harder the kick, the more the love.

    As you get further along baby will settle into birthing position and just kick one small area all day! My daughter was violent in the womb as well.

    On the plus side, once he is born he won't be able to give you hard kicks for a couple months, so he will resort to yanking HARD on your hair. Babies are great.

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    God, I'm only at 27 weeks and my sweet baby girl is already abusing me. She's managed to kick a muscle sore 2 weeks ago, and makes it nearly impossible for me to sleep.

    While I'm almost dreading how I'll be at 31 weeks, I guess it's good though since your baby is basically saying "HEY LOOK AT ME~ I'M A-OKAY~ LOOK AT ME~". But since the baby has a smaller space to move in that cute "look at me" isn't as cute as it is painful.

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    Oh I hear ya!!

    Sometimes I feel like "WOW!!! HOW BIG is this baby?!?!?!" because the movements are so painful!

    It will definately get worse, lol! Wait until your entire stomach is moving and you can see it across the room and the baby puts its foot in your rib while its moving and you think your gonna scream.....hahahahah!

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  • hey

    yip i can say its gonna get worse lol, i'm 32 weeks and 4 days with a boy and when he kicks my sides and does a big roll its hurts but its the most lovly-painful thing i have ever felt lol if you no what i mean :)

    congrats and best of luck xxxx

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