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weather in Budapest, Vienna, Prague?

im going on a budapest, vienne, prague tour with my family so what will be the weather like in those cities in July?

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    it can be anything from 17-35 C.But it is more predictable something between 20-30..Lunch hours till 3 p.m can be really hot, but you will love evenings...walking in the cities in light clothes its great.there can be summer short storms as well, so do not forget will have a great time.Enjoy!

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    Any of them! Admittedly Prague does get packed with vacationers, even with the undeniable fact that this is nicely worth seeing besides. Vienna's nice too, and that i've got no proceedings with regards to the climate there as quickly as I usually bypass to (it is often the tip of August, beginning up of September) - usually very heat and sunny, aside from the occasional torrential thunderstorm (i've got had those in Prague, too!).

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    Go to and look up world weather - they'll tell you temperatures.

    Prague is likely to be pleasant even hot in July but take a jacket - the weather is changeable and and it can get nippy at night or if the wind picks up.

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    Hot. Pack light summer clothes.

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    check the 10-day forecast before you go! but July is usually very nice and warm

    enjoy your trip

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