How do I apply for citizenship to England and get my Master's degree there?

I am currently a citizen of the United States. I was born in Southern California where I currently live and go to school. I'm 20 years old and I am planning to move to England after I finish my Bachelor's in Nursing here. I want to attend maybe the University of Manchester (which I hear is a fantastic University) to get my Master's in Nursing..... and also work either part-time or full time as a nurse.

I plan on living and working in England permanently and eventually apply for citizenship (even being aware of the fact that I will lose my citizenship to the United States). My biggest problem is that I can only find information for students who are staying in England to go to the University, but then they return home after a year, which is not at all what I want. When can I and how can I apply for permanent residence to England? I know going to school for my Graduate degree is much easier than trying to go for my Undergrad, which is why I'm opting to finish out my Bachelor's in CA.

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    First, you don't need to give up your US citizenship to become a citizen of England. Britain and the US both allow dual citizenship.

    Second, your best path is to get your master's in England, and then stay and work. The UK government allows graduates of UK universities to stay for one year after they graduate, and work - and if you graduate a Scottish uni, you can stay in Scotland for two years. During that time, you can be applying for a work visa under their points-based scheme.

    Actually obtaining British citizenship is extremely difficult. In my opinion, more so than getting that of the US. People work for years in Britain, and never reach the point where they are able to become a citizen.

    But you can certainly live and work there, even as a US citizen, especially if you enter a high-demand field, such as health care.

    Source(s): Information on the citizenship process: Work visa info: International graduates scheme, the program I mentioned where foreign students can stay in the UK and work after they graduate, for a year:
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    Like USA, UK too has very stringent immigration policy, so it is not going to be easy for you to get British Citizenship. One has to stay there for many years, work on Employment Permit and marry a British Citizen may make your plan to take a shape, that too after many years. You must have some aim or dream to work & live in UK, otherwise why you want to become a British Citizen while you are a Citizen of United State of America?

    I wish you all the best for the fulfillment of your life.

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    Frankly your purely hazard is (sorry, could be, as that's hypothetical) by ability of way of the eco-friendly card lottery in keeping with annum. as a fashion to get carry of citizenship or you're able to might desire to have an company arranged to sponsor your working visa application. They in turn could might desire to exhibit that it replaced into impossible to fill the placed up utilizing an American citizen (I fancy a controversy that given the variety of experienced newshounds in the u . s . a . could be close to impossible to make). as quickly as you had won a eco-friendly card and a working visa, you would be entitled to word for complete citizenship after a volume of time for the period of which you will might desire to have remained in complete time employment and not committed any significant offence. i'm afraid your degree will no longer be very plenty help.... the only thank you to get citizenship with out stepping into the process the paintings visa direction is to marrry an American.

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    You can apply for HSMP Visa after studies... you should consult your lawyer.


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