When is it right to say "goodbye"?

When I was younger…I thought my ideas were the best for the world…..When I grew older, I learned to listen to the other side of the story…….and I learned a lot from doing so….I had been puzzled by my dad always following what my mom said….one day, I asked him; “dad why do you do ‘everything’ that mom wants?”….He said; “because she’s right”….I said that means I always had to check the rightness of what you tell me coz she could be differing with your advice and I would have to take hers over your.” To which he replied; “no necessarily, but she’s right.”…..I kept on probing until one day when he said; ”my son, you’ll grow to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing. You’ll understand that it’s more important to listen to your mom than to do what I wanted to do. She’s sometimes wrong, but I weigh the likely outcome and decide to agree with her notwithstanding.” I’m blessed that I my parents never went to bed angry at each other. I remember during the 1985 state of emergency, my dad allowed the comrades to use the church….the police came and shot teargas….our missionary house was engulfed with teargas……my little cousin was badly affected….my mom was livid…..she told my dad that “we are here to spread the word of God, not to be involved in bosiyayinyova (political activists)…..my dad was just quiet. Years later, my dad said he decided to keep quiet coz he was not going to win that battle…….

Today, I’ve come to that stage on my own life……I’ve been persuaded to leave Yahoo. Unathi appreciates my fighting spirit…..but says I was leave. In the past few days, she had been saying that I must quit….advancing all sorts of arguments. I even tried to tell her that I’m at the edge of getting my prize from Bull. I also said I had just spoken to my Yang, the CEO of Yahoo, about my suspended account. She says she’s proud of me but I should quit. I asked my dad last night and he says I should do what would be best for me, and I must be careful not to believe that acceding to Unathi’s request/demand would make me a weakling….he is not a weakling…he’s living with a loving wife and respecting wife, my mom……

So, to all SA Regulars thanks guys for making my stay over the last twenty months such an experience……from DV, Tsepo, Inno, Cakes, Blue Bull, Alfie, Jowijo, Busi, TI, MJ, Ayiza, Kopano, HD, Bull, Bad Brad, Ferrari. Zxcv, turniton, skooby, checi, jeez, Lise, Road runner, Skyli, Nay, Jowijo, Styvies, Chicky, Porgie, Mshoza, Pitso, SAgirl, Wonder, Marrs, Ayanda …….I learned so much from you guys……you might not be aware but I respected each one of you….I differed with some but my mom taught me NEVER to be disrespectful to any person….in the eyes of your children and families each one of you are heroes and heroines, kings and queens…and there was no intention to demean any of you. If I did, I’m very sorry. I also pay tributes to those who for whatever reason decided to quit…people like Poepies, Unathi, Vango and others thanks for sharing your knowledge with nonentities like me……

I’m going to the other forum…where questions are never deleted and we post threads, meaning that the question can stay forever and you can still answer to a question posted in 2004 when the side started……in that way the lessons are not lost and you can make proper reference in your work or life situation…….


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    Arrgh Moloi!?

    Eish, what's happening to this section when another stalwart decides to leave!

    Not to worry, that's a great lady you've got there and I can understand your reasons.

    I'm very sad to see you leave though, even though we may differ greatly on a variety of political points I think this section has taught us both great lessons in life, one of them is to debate intellectually and fairly and leave the prejudgements and preconceptions about others behind especially when discussing and socialising on other matters; just because people differ in one aspect of life it does not mean they have to differ in all others.

    I think your outlook has been very fair, and you have always been of the opinion that we are all equal and all just as deserving. I share that same belief which I think is a very good starting point in life.

    Cheers and happy future friend (if I may call you that?).

    p.s. Will you still be contactable on this Yahoo e-mail address?

    p.p.s. Will you give us a sign or something when you become president one day so that we know it's you?

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    I've not been here like I used to but couldn't resist responding to this when I heard you quit -

    you are not only a friend but a hero. I'm most of the time amzed by your resilliance. Your attitude to respect even the most of your enemies has taught me a lot. Now that you have left this forum, how I wish I could sing "Simple days" for you.

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    1 decade ago

    Zim you must realize that its not only about you learning from us, its also about us learning from you. And yes I have learnt so much from you in the last couple of months. You one of those people that I always look out for and are so glad when I see you've answered my q or I see you have a q. Lets continue to impart wisdom to one another. Don't say bye to the regulars, but give us an alternative way we can still gain knowledge from one another. . .

    I've made some good friends, confidants and opinions here, I'd hate to lose one of them over bollie!

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    1 decade ago

    Cheers Zim

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    I think Zim, that you do not like loosing, You support the very people that back stab you, and lastly, you should have stayed on and showed that you too can take to starting from scratch, rather than running off to some other sites.

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    1 decade ago

    first to xanthoul; from what i read zim has been told to quit by his soon to be wife. i've been here for long to know ehat has been going on. that can't be said of you unless you are a multi-avatar. zim is the only person here to have had his suspended acount re-instated, and i was looking forward to it being done again.

    to you zim, i'm gonna miss your highly intelligent questions. i feel blessed to have rubbed (virtually so) shoulders with. you.

  • 1 decade ago

    You'll be missed. at least I'm blessed that i know where you getting to, so I'll follow you when i need mind challenging questions. I'm impressed that Unathi has such a positive influence on you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go well bhuti wam; I've learned a lot from you. Tell us where you are going so that some of us can follow you.

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