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Notebook/Laptop for students

I am 14 years old and I will use it to msn/go online/do homework/watch movie and download things. Which computer will be the most suitable?

1. Sony Vaio VGN-CR35G.

2. Macbook

I like white laptops! 14.1 screen will be good.

any other suggestions?!

photos/websites will be GOOD.



Watch DVD and listen to music as well.

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    Personally, I like macbook more than sony! One major difference between the two is that Mac OS always start new with every new version. While Sony usingWindows always build on previous version of windows, correct error, and add on. Vista has 64 million lines of code. The reason, even on vista, you could run software made for MS-DOS (the original) and 95, which Microsoft made that promise long time ago.

    The difference set the two OS apart. Mac run faster and smoother than a PC. No Virus. Mac don't get clog and lag. now Mac allows you to install windows into a partition, duo-boot, mac and windows. But you have to pick which to use every u start up your computer.

    And yeah, Windows Vista is not all it crack up to be. Yes, the os improve a lot, better graphic, performances, and safety. But if you have a run pc that runs on home premium to ultimate you will find that the new features use up 40 - 60 % of your physical memory and CPU, yuck. I've seen this on many pc with core 2 duo and 1GB ram. Turning of the feature will make you desktop like a XP with a vista theme or user interface.

    If you are buying a computer, decide based on what you need. Teenagers and creative ppl (artist, designer), etc... would prefer mac. many professional prefer pc though. If you are used to pc, then consider that you will need adjust to the way a mac runs and the different commands.

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