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我想問唔make sense又或者唔岩規矩既英文應該係點?

唔make sense又或者唔岩規矩既英文應該係點?

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    English that doesn’t make sense at all call fragment and English that’s non-standard some call Ebonics (Black English), Chinglish (Chinese English) or other countries’ English or Broken English.

    每一句完整句子都必須有主詞, 動詞, 標點, 和 表達意見.

    Fragment 是指一句不完整句子或者是一句doesn’t make sense的句子.

    e.g.: Although he is sick.

    (It’s a fragment because that sentence didn’t express a complete idea. This sentence is a dependent clause 附屬子句, it should have an independent clause 獨立子句 follow after.)

    Ebonics was originated from the south of United States during the slavery period.

    Ebonics’ Guidelines

    1. Minimal number of words for every idea: This is the source for the aphoristic and/or poetic force of the language; eliminate every possible word.

    2. Clarity: If the sentence is not clear it’s not Black English.

    3. Eliminate use of the verb “to be” whenever possible. This leads to the deployment of more descriptive and, therefore, more precise verbs.

    4. Use “be” or “been” only when you want to describe a chronic, ongoing state of things

    Standard English (S.E.): He is always at the office by 9.

    Black English (B.E.): He be at the office, by 9.

    5. Zero copula: Always eliminate the verb “to be” whenever it would combine with another verb in Standard English.

    S.E.: She is going out with him.

    B.E.: She going out with him.

    6. Eliminate “do” as in:

    S.E.: What do you think? What do you want?

    B.E.: What you think? What you want?

    7. Use double or triple negatives for dramatic emphasis.

    S.E.: Tina Turner sings out of this world.

    B.E.: Ain nobody sing like Tina.

    8. Never use the “-ed” suffix to indicate the past tense of a verb.

    S.E.: She closed the door.

    B.E.: She close the door. / She have close the door.

    Ebonics’ Guidelines were taken from “Nobody Mean More to Me Than You” by June Jordan


    e.g.: Me and my sister go buy some candy for Chinese New Year.

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    My e-mail: lycjoyce88@pixnet.net

    Source(s): More info. go to http://en.wikipedia.org [Typed in “Black English” & “Chinglish” ]
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    唔make sense係話人無感覺的,即係無用腦

    寫法: You do not make sense


    寫法: you do not comply with the regulation.

    or you do not follow the regulation

    or you broke the regulation

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