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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



1. He is a man of my age.

2. He went abroad at the age of 10.



He is ____ the age of 10.



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    兩句話中 age 的用法很不相同,一個指年紀;一個指時刻

    “He is a man of my age” points the man is the same age as mine.

    他和我同年紀,因此 of one‵s age 可以拿來比較年紀

    “He went abroad at the age of 10” means the moment of time.

    他在10歲時出國,在10歲出國的那一刻是用 at 來表示時間


    He won the award of excellence at the age of 10.



    He is 10 years old.

    Hope it helps.

    Keep learning, and always sharing

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  • 1 decade ago

    he is a man of my age= a man my age

    he went abroad at the age of 10 = at強調的是went abroad的時間上的那個點 所以得用at 如果用of 意思會變成=他十歲的到國外語意不通 of=所有格"的" 意思

    he is at the age of 10= 句型錯誤 因為 is 左邊是he 右邊是at the age of 10 不對等 所以是錯

    he is of the age of 10=也是句型兩邊不對等 也是錯

    He is 10 years of age =句型正確 is右邊接名詞 然後10 years後面使用 of age當成數字10的單位 使的整個語意清楚

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