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one another

one another 前面為何要放 ON

變成 on one another

互相 前面+ON 到底是什麼用意?

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    因為妳並沒有把有疑問的地方整個句子打出來,所以只能就可能找到的句子作說明,妳就看一下是否能回答到妳的疑惑 ^_^

    基本上妳所看到的"on one another"是由介系詞"on"加"one another"所形成的介系詞片語,通常前面會有個動詞,在句中當成該動詞的受詞或補語,請看下列例句:

    Candidates accuse one another of not being conservative enough ... So it's their turn to fire on one another. ... (在這句中,"on"事實上是介系詞後面加"one another"當成動詞"fire"的補語,意思為"輪到他們對彼此開砲(互相責罵)")


    laughing as they try to avoid stepping on one another's toes (避免踩到彼此的腳趾)


    citizens will be forced to inform on one another to avoid prison terms. (彼此告知)


    We just know that we can depend on one another whether we need help... (彼此依靠)


    從上面的例子可以看出,事實上介系詞"on"跟前面動詞的關係比較密切,通常形成動詞片語(如,depend on, step on, fire on...)後面接"one another"表示"彼此做出該動詞的動作"。

    以上,請指教... ^_^

    Source(s): 自己&網路上找的例句
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