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The tennessee valley authority!!?

The tennessee valley authority!!?

Give two of the principal activities of the tennessee valley authority. For each activity explain how it contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

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    Interesting question...

    The Tennessee Valley Authority maintains several hydroelectric dams along the Tennessee River and its tributaries. The dams serve a dual purpose of flood control and electric generation.

    You could argue that the dams prevent environmental damage from the burning of fossil fuels, but the TVA also burns fossil fuels at coal-fired steam plants like the one in Barton, Alabama. And of course, the dams themselves caused the permanent flooding of several communities when they were constructed.

    There have been notable changes to the flora and fauna inside the river and out. The zebra mussel is an invasive species introduced into local waters once the river became navigable. Some of us are old enough to remember when an endangered species of snail darter halted the construction of the Tellico dam.

    I'm guessing by the question that you are supposed to be using a specific source. Moreover, I'm guessing that this source was funded in part by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

    Source(s): I grew up in the Tennessee Valley, and my sister used to work for one of TVA's nuclear plants.
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    sweet! i love community questions- I stay in Knoxville, a significant portion of the TVA challenge! previously the TVA equipped dams (Norris, Douglas, castle Loudon) the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers flooded commonly and badly. there have been many deaths, ailments, and many funds lost even as the floods got here. The TVA began progression contained in the finished melancholy, giving jobs to many. It also electrified the valley and for the first time, electricity replaced into obtainable to all this is voters, no longer basically the rich ones. My grandfather can nonetheless bear in mind switching from kerosene to electric powered lamps! this is a huge deal because it began ushering the valley into the favorite era, and began the frenzy for different aspects of electricity except basically burning coal. this is nonetheless major the following, because there are frequently flood circumstances nonetheless. They let water in and out of the damns for this reason, holding us from floating away!

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