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Mazda protege 2000, vs Nissan Altima, vs nissan maxima 2000?

Hey everyone!!

Im currently 17 years old male, and i'm planning on buying my first car next week!

I have a budget of $5000 to $6000, so i'm looking for a good car that runs well and that can last me at least 3 years

Im hesitating between, the mazda protege, the nissan altima, and the nissan maxima. A civic would be nice also, but i dont think i want one, because their too popular, and like, everyone has em. Also, i dont like the toyota corolla.

Thx, any help would be appreciated!

note* I am not limited to the 3 cars i mentionned above, i am also opened to new brands and models also ( year 1999 and above plz)

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    The Mazda handles the best and is most fun to drive. Also most reliable and fuel efficient.

    The Altima is bigger, more powerful, and faster.

    The Maxima has a V6 so it uses the most gas. But it is the fastest and most powerful. Most expensive insurance too.

    I have a 96 Mazda Protege myself and it handles like a race car. It is very fun to drive. But it accelerates slow with the automatic transmission.

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    All are good choices. All should have comparable reliability. The Protege will likely be more fuel efficient.

    Avoiding Civics is a good idea...there is too much idiocy surrounding them, particularly among young males.

    I'd suggest if you can find one in your price range (you might, barely) you look for a Protege 5, or a Protege MP3.

    You could get a 99 Miata for around 6000 dollars, if you buy at the right time in the right part of the country.

    If you don't mind a little bit of a hit to fuel economy, there's the Subaru Impreza, Legacy, and Forester, which would just be in your year/price range. (Avoid 2.5 liter engines in your price range, though).

    Suzuki Esteem? Oh, and the Accord...if you're considering an Altima, definitely look for Accords. The Camry...meh.

    Oh, and GM W-platform cars (Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Impala, Regal, etc).

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