Does anyone have the basic intructions for making watches with beaded safety pins strung on stretchy string?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I can't take credit for these instructions, but I will give you the link:

    (Great pictures, too!)

    Safety pin jewelry is the easiest jewelry in the world to make. To make a watch, there are a couple of different techniques you could use.

    1. You can take sewing elastic the is the width of the bar of your watch. Remove the watchband obviously. Fold the end over the band bar and hand sew it.

    2. Load safety pins with beads. Depending on the size of your wrist you may need 30 or 40.

    3. After you have loaded the pins, be sure to crimp close the head of the pin so that it won't accidently open.

    4. Slide the full pins onto the elastic, alternating top and bottom.

    5. When it is as long as you need, wrap the elastic over the watch bar on the other side and tack it.

    6. If you can see the elastic on the watchbar and don't like it, pin on a beaded pin.

    The second way is to load the pins, crimp them closed, then take jeweler's elastic and crimp it onto the watch bar. You will need two will go through the top of the pin, one through the bottom.

    Once the pins are loaded, thread the pins on the elastic alternating head and foot.

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