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How do you apply blush?

I have a round face, and don't have defined cheekbones. Should I apply the blush on the apples of my cheeks (the part that goes round when you smile) or under the apples of my cheeks to give the illusion of cheekbones? I read that in a magazine once.

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    To get an illusion of cheek bones, use a darker color, or a brownish, UNDER the cheek bone pointing down.

    If you're a warm undertone, use a yellow based cheek color - as the orange, rust, peach etc & a cool undertone wears a blue undertone -as pinks,rose, mauve, red etc - Don't know - or match up to your clothes - neutral - it always works -the tanish & tannish rose colors.

    Do that lighter color on the apples of your cheeks. Make a smile - that's your apples you see there..... Rule of thumb:

    Put 2 fingers beside your nose - Never bring your blush out father than that.

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    Highlight goes on the top of the cheekbones for a glow.

    Blush goes on the apple of the cheeks for some color.

    Contour goes to the place when you make a fish face or suck in your face. This is to define cheekbones.

    1) Choose a nice blush.

    2) Smile enough to see your apples of your cheeks.

    3) Using a big blush brush, dab on blush on the apples of your cheeks.

    4) Using a soft fluffy kabuki brush, blend out the harsh edges and to make the look more natural. So it doesnt appear that your blush is on top of your foundation, its more natural and blended in.

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    Usually the pink/red blush goes ON the cheekbones, because its imitating a light flush. The browns and golds could go under, but I'd rather apply them on top too. Just make sure you start from your cheekbone to the outer edge of your cheekbone in order to brush away any residue powder.

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    okay what you do is smile and apply the blush to the part of your cheek that sticks out (the apples of your cheeks) and your done but remeber alittle goes a long way so just lightly cover it

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    You kind of apply it in a three form on both sides of your face start at forhead then cheeks and chin so it all blinds! Dont do to much or you will look like a clown! May I recomend this bronzer or this blush from Bear Minerals(you wont breakout):

    I hope this helps!

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    when your about to put it on smile and put it on the apples of your cheeks and blend it up really light. and use bronzer and blush so its more natural then just straight pink. hope i helped!!

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    use like a peach for fairer skin,

    or a darker pink for darker skin,

    and use a big brush to dust it on the apples of your cheeks <3

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    find ur cheek bones then add a little bit of blush thats it not much

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    id avoid blush actually. i think its too much. i go for the dream mousse bronzer. its a more natural color, less red, more brown. but not BROWN brown. just perfect! and it rubs in comfortably so its not too defined. it works well on a rounder face.

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    i just smile and apply to my cheekbones that kinda show up when u smile

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