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who thinks derek jeter is overrated?

i am sick of hearing all these things about derek jeter who thinks hes overrated

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    I think he is!

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    The entire Yankee/Red Sox nation is overrated. Take a look at All-Star voting! There is a Yankee or Red Sox player starting at all but 2 positions! There isn't a single Yankee that deserves an All-Star start this year, and Manny is the only one that deserves it from Boston.

    Would Jeter get as much love and attention as he does if he played for Detroit? Nope...he'd just be marginally better than Renteria. Michael Young is by far the best SS in the American League this year, and everybody would know it if he played in New York.

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    Hes not overrated at all. If anything people underrate him a lot because he doesn't put up HUGE numbers and since most of the US hates the Yankees, they try to find everything negative about him. Jeter is probably one of the clutch players in the league and best fielders. He is also a true leader of a team which I think is important as a player. Plus he's a future HOF.

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    I've been a Jeter fan all his career. I still am. But i think he's in a downward spiral right now. He just needs another world series win. Until he sees that the Yankes are in contetntion of that, he wont play as hard as he used to. Or at least it appears that way.

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    I think he used to be but now all the attention is on A-Rod. I haven't really heard anything about Jeter for the last few years. So as of right now I would say no. Is is getting the amount of attention he deserves.

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    Hes got the stats, but he is definatley overrated! Every time he has won the gold glove, there has been someone else with a better fielding % than him! HE only gets it for his acrobatic plays which doesnt happen to often.

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    hes clutch and is a leader but other than that i think he is a little overrated...he has nearly the same career batting average as manny and manny has hit like 3 times as many homeruns

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    hes not overrated. people like him because hes good. who cares if he doesnt hit that many homeruns? at least he can hit the ball.

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    I don't think he's overrated, but he hasn't done anything special in the past 3-4 years.

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    Well he ain't the Best Shortstop on the Yankees, that is A-Rod.

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