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Have you read Doug Wead's (a special assistant to president George H.W. Bush) blog posts about Ron Paul?



Doug Wead “is a presidential historian, philanthropist and New York Times bestselling author. He was a special assistant to the president in the George Herbert Walker Bush White House,” (from his website) and is the man who coined the term “compassionate conservative.”


Doug Wead (from post at link listed above):

I had one more question for my distinguished friends. “If Ron Paul is such a fringe figure and we are the mainstream of Republican political thought, then why is his book on the New York Times bestseller list, and ours not?”

Hmmm, now that was a thought for the conspirators to take home. Can’t the GOP get into those bookstores and stop the sales? Or maybe rewrite the rules about who gets on the list and who doesn’t? Or is this bestseller business only a Liberal Democrat-New York Times conspiracy devised to embarrass the Republican Party? Or maybe Victor Hugo is right about the force of an “idea whose time is come.”

Update 2:

Last week I appeared on a number of television programs and ended up in “the green room” with a couple of GOP luminaries. One of the party’s most famous and powerful Senators and a former governor who came within a hair of becoming the vice president. You can guess which television network it was. We each had a book to promote.

Anyway, somehow they got into a discussion of Ron Paul and how his supporters had the nerve, the gall, the cheek to show up at “their” respective Republican State Conventions and practically take over. Each man described to the other how through parliamentary maneuver and outright theft they had recently blocked the Paulistas from embarrassing the GOP by winning “their” delegates to the national convention. They passed these stories back and forth with great gusto and laughter and genuine appreciation for the political skill of the other.

Update 3:

“Well,” I interrupted, “Why was all that necessary in the first place? Who are these people? Why are their ideas so popular? And why block them? Shouldn’t the party welcome such activists into the process? Is the party so insecure that it has to cheat to protect itself? And what will the people who got cheated think about the GOP? Is this a lost opportunity? Maybe the GOP got cheated?”

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    In my opinion, the ONLY reason Ron Paul is not the Republican candidate is the main stream media is scared to death of him. Most people where I live have no idea who he is. They don't know that this man is the only way America is going to get turned around. Instead, they are still trying to decide what evil they are going to vote for.

    It truly is sad that most of our politicians have sold our country out. They have let money do the talking in this country. And if you follow the money it leads straight to a New World Order. While America sits in front of the television, money is making the decisions on how we are going to be governed. How our children are going to be educated and raised, vaccinated and chipped.

    Furthermore, I believe that most Americans are afraid of "how it might look to the neighbors" if they protest about what is going on. Is it politically correct? Are they not going to be invited to the next cookout because they made a scene?

    Well, they won't have to worry about that too much longer. Money is going to make that decision for them as well. And all they would have to do is educate themselves on what is going on and speak out about it. Vote for Ron Paul.

    Congressman Ron Paul


    Youtube thumbnail


    Has never voted to raise taxes - Will eliminate the Estate tax - Will end taxation of social security benefits.

    Voted no to the war in Iraq and yes to hunting down the terrorists responsible for the 9/ 11 attacks. Foreign or domestic.

    Is committed to a non interventionist foreign policy as mandated by our constitution.

    The only republican candidate who will call for an immediate and orderly withdrawal of US troops from the no win war in Iraq.

    Will phase out the federal income tax and irs by eliminating trillions of dollars spent on foreign aid nation building, and bloated federal bureaucracies.

    Will phase out the privately owned federal reserve, thereby ending inflation tax that destroys the value of our money.

    Will stop the Real ID card which will enable the government to track and collect data on individuals.

    Will end the military commissions act which gives government the authority to arrest and detain citizens indefitely without due process of law. Will restore Habeas Corpus.

    Will secure our borders, end birthrigh citizenship, and stop illegal immigration.

    Will protect US sovereignty by halting plans now underway to merge the United States with Canada and mexico in a north American union where international laws would replace those of the United States.

    Will defend America’s constitutional form of government against globalist, the untied nations, and free trade agreements (CFR, NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, WTO, ICC) which currently influence Us foreign policy, spending, and legislation.

    Will keep the internet free and unregulated.

    Will defend and restore the second amendment right to bear arms.

    Has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

    During the 10 terms that congressman Ron Paul has held office, he has never taken government paid junket, has never voted himself a pay raise, and does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.

    Congressman Ron Paul never accepts money from lobbyists or special interest groups. His campaign is funded strictly by ordinary Americans like You!

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    I'm an Obama supporter and these are my thoughts:

    I like Ron Paul even though I don't necessarily agree with Libertarianism and the first one to try it will probably see extreme aftereffects and the idea will go down in flames.

    I am thirty years old and this will be the first election I vote in. I have always felt that there is a two party illusion in this country and the rich put who they want in office. It actually scares me that Obama got as far as he has and yet, he seems so genuine. How did he break through the duality?

    Ron Paul would have been a much better opponent for Obama and might have made him sweat a little. I don't understand how McCain is so high in the polls when Bush was so low. I guess people in general are stupid and it's the same people who voted for Bush two times!

    Republicans know if they vote for Ron Paul it will be a wasted vote, which is why Independents don't get many votes. They're afraid if they grow some balls and vote for him, that the worser of the assumed two evils will get the white house.

    Until we can convince more people to vote Independent and stay away from the parties, this duality will continue.

    Source(s): Same issue happened with Ross Perot during Clinton's campaign in 92. He would have been a great President!
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    I had not read that. Thanks for sharing it.

    The title says it all "How a GOP Conspiracy continues to cheat Ron Paul"

    The top brass of the GOP is corrupt. Hopefully my fellow republicans awaken to that reality very soon. Many already have, but the media doesn't report it.

    If republican voters remain as divided as they now are, we are looking at an Obama presidency, I will be writing in Ron Paul if name isn't on the ballot. I cannot vote for more of the McSame.

    Ron Paul is what this country needs urgently to get things heading in the right direction. It will take a generation to turn things around, and a President Ron Paul would get that ball rolling.

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    Good for Doug Wead.

    There's a reason that the GOP is so threatened by Ron Paul. He is not the typical politician. He actually upholds the constitution.

    To all of you people who dislike Ron Paul.. why? Just ask yourself WHY? Do you really know what he's about? Do you know what the most of the other politicians are about? Do you not understand that Ron Paul is one of the few who wants to represent the people's interests. And he actually does!


    Look, we know he's not going to win... heck I believe he has just dropped out of the race. Right? But anyways.. he represents a movement! He is the voice of the people.. we need to win wake up as many Americans as we can and win our country back.

    Good luck ALL.

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    We have a lot to be thankful for in Ron Paul's candidacy. He has galvanized a large segment of frustrated americans who have felt helpless in the face of the Republican Party's apostacy against the principals upon which this nation was founded.

    Although the deck was stacked against Dr Paul, he took on the establishment nevertheless and the response to his philosophy of a return to constitutional rule has spawned new candidates who are taking up the battle.

    I have already made my decision to support Dr Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party. Pastor Baldwin was himself a supporter of Ron Paul and stands for all the same principals. I hope that all of Ron Paul's supporters will educate themselves concerning Mr Baldwin's philosophies by going to his website and by resisting the urge to vote for the "lesser of two evils" thereby perpetuating the two party partnership that has brought this nation to the brink of ruin.

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    No, never have. Thanx for the links.

    fdm215- I don't support John McCain and Ron Paul is the total opposite of John McCain on most things. Ron Paul bases his votes on the constitution. But except for equal pay for women, and alot of people think not even that , the government shouldn't be involved in any of those things.

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    Ashamedly, no. But I will. My heart is in mourning that Dr. Paul has announced his exit. It makes enormous difference to the presidency and little difference to the R3volution, as local offices are of compounding consequence, compared to that of the Executive Branch.

    But I will read Mr. Wead's contributions.

    Thanks for the link.


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    Good, but still not enough to get through to the sheeple. These people are incomprehendibly ignorant. The answerer above me is one of millions of examples.

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    Everyday ther are more of us. Older and wiser, change your name. If you give half truth answers like that then your name doesn't fit. Obama is CFR.

  • http://www.justin.tv/ronpaul2008

    hey girlie , a ron paul rally televised tonight

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