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"Aspartame" is not natural? Do you know who made fortune on this stuff?

(Don Rumsfield, ex-secretary of defense)

here's an interesting report on aspartame

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    Before reading this article everyone should hear James Turner, Atty, explain how Don Rumsfeld called in his markers to get aspartame, a deadly chemical poison approved when the FDA said no: The entire film can be gotten at

    Among the many ironies of our modern world is that Gerald Ford awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom-America,s highest civilian honor-to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on January 19, 1977. Just a few weeks later on March 8, Rumsfeld became the CEO of G.D. Searle to take point on a mission to force the Food and Drug Administration to approve for human consumption a known carcinogen and neurotoxic poison.

    Mission accomplished: Today some 9,000 commonly consumed products are laced with this weapon of mass misery and millions of people live with chronic illnesses linked to the artificial sweetener aspartame. It is our belief at The Idaho Observer that if some guy named Parkinson can have a disease named after him, then Donald Rumsfeld ought to have his own disease, too. Hence the term Rumsfeld disease A.

    What is Aspartame?


    Aspartame was discovered in 1965 by a chemist working for the American company Searle and an initial marketing authorisation (MA) was granted in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (US Food and Drug Administration) in 1974.

    This MA was suspended a few months later following an appeal against the authorisation on the grounds that the toxic and carcinogenic effects on the brain of this compound and its metabolites had not been properly evaluated during the experimental studies. Following a reassessment of the studies on experimental animals and an examination of new data (including a study of carcinogenicity in the rat), the US Food and Drug Administration granted this product a new MA in 1981 (US Food and Drug Administration, FR 1981) for use in solid food. This authorisation was extended to soft drinks in 1983 (US Food and Drug Administration, FR 1983) and for its use as a general sweetener in 1996.

    The safety of aspartame has been assessed and recognised by a number of other national and international organisations including the FAO/WHO Committee of Experts on Food Additives (JECFA) and, at EU level, by the Scientific Committee on Food. It was authorised by Directive 94/35/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on sweeteners for use in foodstuffs (adopted on 30 June 1994) and its use is permitted in more than 90 countries. In France, aspartame has been permitted since 1988. The Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) of aspartame for humans was fixed at 40 mg/kg body weight/day by the JECFA (1980).

    The present review updates the previous EEA opinions in the light of new reports on the consumption of aspartame in relation to the onset of brain tumours and seizures, headaches, allergies, and changes in behaviour and cognitive function. Information on the safety of aspartame was available from a variety of sources including scientific papers, conference proceedings, abstracts and magazine articles. This review focuses on papers published in the open scientific literature from 1988 to 2001 and draws on the recent extensive review by the Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Aliments (AFSSA, 2002), which covered mutagenic, carcinogenic and neurological effects.

    Bottom line it's a cancer-causing agent, and Rumsfeld was into his eyeballs in it.

    Rumsfeld's Disease


    Today, Donald Rumsfeld is known throughout the world as the zealous U.S. Secretary of Defense who is waging a global "war on terror" in search of "terrorists" and "weapons of mass destruction." Most people, however, are not aware that Rumsfeld himself unleashed a chemical weapon of mass destruction upon the world in 1981-and it,s still out there destroying people all over the world. That "WMD" is aspartame and it has been scientifically and anecdotally linked to millions of chronic illnesses and deaths.

    The evidence shows that, with full knowledge of aspartame,s neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity, Rumsfeld, as the CEO of G.D.

    Another one of the "good ole corrupt doughboys". Blah...

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