What is a degree or training that is quick to get and pays well?

I'm a mom who does not have years to spend in school, but I have to go to school to have a better career to support my son. What is something that I can do part-time that won't take extremely long and pays ok?

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    A lot of really great, short term courses are available at your local community college, which is reputable and cheap. I suggest you check their website to see what they have to offer. They'll certainly offer everything I'm about to suggest:

    If you're willing to get your associates - that's two years, full time - you could become a nurse. That's in high demand, and pays very well. And you can do it part-time, although it'll take longer. Most ccs offer daytime on-site, discounted childcare for students, so that may help you.

    Mortuary science (funeral director) is also in high demand, pays well, and requires only an associates. Likewise, dental hygienist. That can be a great field. Pays well, only two years of schooling, and in demand.

    Other fields that take a year or less of schooling, are in high demand, and pay very, very well include:

    - Plumbing

    - Electrical

    - HVAC

    - Welding

    - Diesel mechanic

    - Auto mechanic (diesel is actually a shorter course, and pays better)

    - Turfgrass management (golf courses and etc.)

    - LPN

    You can also do childcare, but that doesn't always pay very well. Paralegal might work, but you'd want to check the demand for that where you live. Legal secretary is usually also in demand, and pays well. Administrative assistant.

    Again, check what's on offer at your local community college. They may even have things that are in high demand in your specific region, which they can suggest to you. And a cc is certainly far cheaper and often better respected than a trade school.

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    I agree that Dental Assistant is a good option. Most dentists only work 4 days per week. You can take classes at a technical school and get a job with good pay as soon as you finish. With experience and more training, you can work your way up to dental hygenist.

    Paralegal pays well, but requires long hours. If the lawyer has to have something ready by the next day, you might have to stay late.

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    First of all you need to find what is a good fit to your personality. You can become a nurse, but If you do not like dealing with people and hospitals, you will be miserable. Good luck to you!! and find your carrer passion and interest, and then research a quick training program or carrer.

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    Dental Assisting pays around $33k a year, and you will usually only work 3.5 days a week. Maybe check out Paralegal too.

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    Registered Nurse. 2 years. Demand is high so the pay is high, however the schools are a bottleneck. They are pretty competitive.

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    Dental Hygenist. A family friend makes about !$60-70K a year.

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