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Do foreign terrorists, arrested outside of USA, deserve judicial rights equal to Americans?

It appears a fragment of our population sides with the terrorists because it helps their political party handicap the oppostion.

How is it that a terrorist, committed to murdering Americans and other innocent citizens, should be treated as if they have the same rights as an American citizen?

All this criticism of Bush, appears to be from people who oppose Bush on the basis that he is politically against their cause, instead of because they want the terrorist to have same rights as Americans- is either of these anti-American positions defendable?

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    Opposition or to question is healthy and quite American, however the liberals do not see it as that.

    The positions you mention are not defendable.

    It is anti American to give criminal and terrorist non American citizens the same rights which we receive from our Constitution.

    We can thank the ACLU for starting us down this insane path, by the way, it is funded by our own tax dollars.

    They were never challenged when it was needed.

    Right from wrong became modified and the Constitution became a hindrance, so excuses have been given as to why it should not be adhered to.

    Any Republican president at this point and time would receive the wrath which Pres. Bush has experienced.

    We are in an irrational era and if we let the liberals take over, it is going to get worse.

  • A Terrorist attacker is persona non Grata when it comes

    to protection under the rules of war or those rules followed

    abided by combative States registered with the Geneva

    accord.. A terrorist is considered a rouge agent or agents

    acting on there own behalf. Therefore they are not entitled to

    fair or recognized treatment afforded Geneva Accord members.

    Should this be a declared war by the Congress of the US.

    All the Gitmo detainees could be shot, or put to death without

    trial. Since this is not a declared war By congress, We have

    this nightmare situation ongoing at Gitmo. The US Supreme

    Court is issuing findings Re: there status and situation.

    This could be monumental and ground breaking law for

    terrorist around the world. Could give them latitude in our

    courts if caught. But more than likely will seal there fate

    in the field. They would never see a court as they should


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    They are combatants ;They are/were captured wearing no recognized army uniform / engaging in battle or destroying property or using weapons to kill .

    Without uniforms they are "spies "which can be shot per rules of war/geneva conv.

    As POW's can be held indefinitely until the war is ended with


    The supreme court is wrong

    The US justice system is NOT designed to sort out events/crimes that happened in a battle zone. Nor should US taxpayers Pay for "witness" trips to Us to "testify. and an investigation (if possible) of the defendant's (and /or witnesses criminal" record", "character", political, social, religious affiliations .

    Our JUstice/legal system is already compromised,--bloated with frivolous cases,illegals, trial lawyers looking to make a buck.with class action suits ....etc. A criminal (Murderer,rapist)can wait for MONTHS for a open slot on the court's schedule...A fraud case,embezzler even longer..

    Bad decision...Bad for the US

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    We need to stop calling this a bush issue and start calling it an american issue. the 9-11 terrorists didnt kill the bush administraition, the killed americans.

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  • Greg P
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    The reason they deserve rights is because if we deny these people rights, it sets the stage for potentially denying US citizens rights.

    We don't want to start down a road that ends in the government being able to detain citizens indefinitely.

  • Anonymous
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    The deserve NO rights, least of all habeas corpus before a US court.

    Did German POWs during WWII have the right to challenge their internment? This is ridiculous!

  • pip
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    They deserve to be treated like humans and to have the rule of law applied. Innocent until proven guilty and all... that doesn't necessarily have to be our civil courts... but you can't be a nation based on the "rule of law".. if that rule of law is only for the people we want it to be for. Again.. I'm not completely convinced that it just has to be our civil courts taking the burden... but give them a trail.. IF they are innocent.. well then we goofed up and they can go... IF they are guilty... well, then it's time to let justice run it's course.

    What's the harm in finding out?

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    HELLS NO!!!! i agree with you.... alot of american citizens aren't even treated as though they have rights. why is it someone who wants to mame and murder has any rights? according to international law, anyone accused of spying, or treason can be shot on sight.... so they deserve to be shot and go to hell like is declared by law!

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    Once we scoop them up, guilty or not, and move them into our jurisdiction as POW's, they become entitled to all the Rights thereof. These people Geneva Convention Rights have been trampled. And the fact that the courts made this ruling is another indication of the contempt it holds for the US policy in this matter. Yes, it is extraordinary that they are permitted defense under Civil Law. Because they've been denied basic human rights, prisoner of war or not.

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    yes if you are going to put them on trial in a US court of Law.

    John Adams would be smiling.

    what is more, this decision today by our conservative what makes the United States better than them....the terrorists.

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