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Scholarship information for a 30yo male.?

I will be graduating an online school with an AABA (Associate's in Business Administration). I currently have a 4.0gpa, am a highly skilled writer, and have a strong professional background with a history of rapid advancement.

However, my HS transcript is garbage (around a 2.8gpa with less than 40% total attendance). My goal is to receive a full scholarship, and then work as an RA or RD to cover living expenses. Although I have not taken my SATs yet, I figure 1300-1400 is a safe expectation (if I remember correctly I got a 1420 on my PSATs in high school).

Can anyone recommend the best class of schools where I might achieve this goal, considering my age, bad transcripts, and having earned my first degree online?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Was your associates degree school a regionally accredited school? If so, then you should be able to transfer to a decent university, and many of your credits may transfer. If not, then you *may* be able to get into a decent university, but many of your associates credits probably won't transfer.

    Your good college grades will outweigh your poor high school transcript. You've certainly proven that you can do the work. Your SATs will be decent, but not great - although I'm assuming that score is on the *new* SAT, and not the old SAT. If it's the old SAT, that's a great score. If it's the new SAT, it's not so great.

    I bet your essays will be interesting - you seem to write well, and you can take advantage of the essay to tell your story re: bad high school, transition to adulthood, copped on to the value of education, and etc. If that a score on the new SAT*, I think you're a good candidate for schools at around the level of: Colby Sawyer, Central Connecticut State U, Suffolk University, UMass Boston, University of Rhode Island, UMass Dartmouth, U Maine Orono, Long Island U CW Post Campus, Hunter College, Queens College, Brooklyn College, College of Mount Saint Vincent, Johnson and Wales (RI), Southern New Hampshire U, SUNY Plattsburgh, William Patterson, Mass Maritime, and I could go on but won't, because you can see that you have a wide choice of decent schools to pick from.

    In addition, you may want to consider applying to some schools for which your SAT scores are high. Those would be quite likely to offer you merit aid. I did that, back when I was picking colleges. I suggest you follow the same model: a couple of reach schools, a few fit schools, a couple of back ups that you're sure you'll get into. And see who comes back with what aid, then decide.

    The RA idea is a good one. I did that, and it does pay for expenses, your room is usually free as well, and it looks great on a resume.

    In general, RD positions are only for graduate students. But you can check into it.

    Also apply for scholarships via listings at Fastweb. And check into the possibility of scholarships at any group that you belong to, or could belong to. So, for example, if you were Irish Catholic, you'd check with your church, with the Knights of Columbus (even if you don't belong), with the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and etc. Also speak to the financial aid office at the schools you're considering, and ask them if they have any special financial support for older, returning students. Many do.

    *If that's a score on the old SAT, you could instead be looking at: Fordham, Boston University, Boston College, Tufts, Syracuse, UMass Amherst, Brandeis, Northeastern, schools well within the top 100 national universities. But if your associates is from a school that's famous for being online, and/or is not regionally accredited, then these schools are quite possibly not within your reach.

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