Authentic Puerto Rican food and music.?

OK, I see all these answers on where to go for nightlife and where to eat, but my question is what restaurants do they serve authentic Puerto Rican food like Arroz con grandule, pasteles, and bacalao. Then, where are the clubs that play good salsa music, preferably live music. I'm Puerto Rican and never been there. This is a 30 year dream of mine. I'm staying at the Marriott on Condado Beach next month. Please help me out to experience the full authenticity of Puerto Rico.

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  • nena
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    Look here to help you with the nightlife. I recomend Nuyorican Cafe. They play live music most of the time & alot of salsa. Also the salsa congress is in PR between July 19-26th so you will find alot of places to hear & dance salsa if you go then. Also PR has el dia nacional de la salsa in March.

    There are alot of places that serve authentic food. In San Juan be careful because many of the restaurants will be latino infused cuisine or something that is not quite authentic. If you have a rental car I suggest driving out of San Juan & trying the food. PR is known for kioskos where they serve food roadside & believe it or not it is delicious & authentic. Pinones is a good place to eat too. Enjoy :)

    Also another authentic thing you can do is go to a patron saint festival. Everytown has one & they usually have authentic food, music & fun :) There is even a pasteles festival. Also try going to a cockfight. For local beaches, find a balneario.

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    I can tell you about the food. In San Juan go to La Casita blanca, even though is in the metro area is VERY authentic. You will feel like you are in the country somewhere in PR eating. Out of SJ go to Cidra, great food, all locals, avoid Sundays, it´s crazy. And if after that you still fit into your clothes you should head up to Guavate, where you will get the food and the live music(on the weekends), Guavate is famous for the lechón. Have a blast!

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    Take SR-52 or Las Americas Express Highway, exit to Road 184, and drive until you find "Lechonera Guavate". The best Puerto Rican food and delicacies you can have in the actual Puerto Rican environment, life music and dance on weekends......

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    If you are heading to Ricon, where I am staying right now...Go to Ricon Tropical Restaurant....The best food I have ever ate. Very authentic. Esta Brutal. The west coast has a lot of puerto rican food. They have tostones, rice, and beans. This fantastic chicken soup. And an octopus salad that .....te quiero puerto rico.

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    to eat alcapurrias and all that go to Pi~ones..or Guavate..its the best.. and for the salsa go viejo sanjuan has a couple of places to dance that as well as reggaeton and merengue. Also by condado beach there is a few of beachside restaurants with music that get pretty packed at times

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    go to that restaurant called Raices in san juan, its deliciously amazing and also casa mofongo in bayamon , i go there once a week, for a nice mofongo with carne frita and caldito. in casa mofongo trying the deserts is a must. i also go to a cultural place in front of the beach at punta salina bayamon, there is place were u eat out doors and it has lechon asado, arroz con gandules or arroz con hueyes, amarillitos, molcilla and fried foods, also sea food and it has no name, its more like a family business, but it has amazing food. the best food is near the beach, thos private family business have great food and soft natural fruit drinks, like parcha(passion fruit), jugo de toronja, tamarindo and so on. i strongly recommend a restaurant called campo mar at punta salinas, near isla de cabras beach in bayamon. they have out of this world food and music, also cocktail drinks and a relaxing scene balcony facing the beach at day or night. its very nice and romantic, also children are welcome if u have any.

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