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emm asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 1 decade ago

Stem Cell Technology?

I need some help. If you could answer a few questions that would be great:

1) What is stem cell technology?

2) What are the issues raised by stem cell technology?

3) Pros and cons of stem cell technology.

If you could answer in as much as detail as possible, that'd be great! =]

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    I'll put it in simple terms.

    Stem cells are the cells that can become any cells. Which is amazing becuase they can literally replicate the cell needed to cure disease. And the best part they will not be attacked by your body's immune system..which is really important. :)

    The issues raised by stem cell technology is the moral implication that all life is sacred. And that life begins with a cell. So hence you are destroying what is there so that a new life can be created.

    I strongly feel this is one of the greatest discovery's heath wise of our age...that and gene therapy.

    The Pros and Cons are that with this technology you can cure many disease such as Parkinson's disease, crippled individuals, and many more possibilities.

    The Cons are listed above the moral crisis the society faces.

    Source(s): Microbiology Student
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    1) the application of scientific research to make use of stem cells in chiefly therapeutic uses but some diagnostic uses

    2) there are two kinds of stem cells: adult-derived and embryonic stem cells. Only the use of stem cells derived from human embryos and/or fetuses brings up ethical issues, since it requires the termination of a pregnancy (abortion) or the use of embryos created from in vitro fertilization technology (at clinics) to make use of these cells. Many people believe that a human embryo is a human life, and that to disrupt its development is the moral equivalent of murder

    3) Pros: stem cells can possibly repair tissues damaged caused by injury and trauma or disease or genetic mutation for which there is no therapy right now. Most repair processes involving repair using inflammatory processes that do not restore function but replace tissue with scar tissue that minimizes further damage.

    Cons: Unknowns about stem cell biology: for example, while stem cells might repair the damage better than just scarring, after many years, could stem cells cause cancer?

    There is so much more, but this is a good start and summary.

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    4 years ago

    Stem cells are (in layman's words) cells that have not desperate what they would be yet. they may be manipulated into something, and stem cellular technologies exploits this. that's utilized to regrow issues that doesn't oftentimes regrow eg. fix scar tissue. i've got heard of one occasion of a woman with throat maximum cancers being developed what's basically a sparkling oesophagus. possibly interior the destiny they'll additionally be waiting to get somebody to regrow a lost limb.

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