Was he trying to ask me out? Last day of school...?

My friends have told me that this guy really liked me and I only started really liking him recently. I've been waiting for him to ask me out but we are both pretty shy. Today was the last day of school and I was walking with him and he asked me where I was going, what I was doing..., so then I asked him what his plans were and he said that he was going to China Wok with one of his friends that was walking up ahead of us ( I don't know if there were more people going). He told me I should come. I couldn't anyways, but do you think he was trying to ask me out? I'll probably talk to him later tonight online, what should I say to him?

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    1 decade ago
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    You should say "listen I'm sorry i wouldn't be able to go with you to China Wok, but if you want to we can go somewhere else some other day, what do you think?".

    It's kind of like you make him know that you want to go out with him, but at the same time you want to wait till he does the first step. If he's not stupid he'll understand.

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