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should i stay with the u14 or should i go to the u16?

im 14 and i play flanker.they changed the underage date so that would mean that i should probably be playing with the u14s again in september.

but i have the option of heading up to the u16 if i want to.

most of my friends are heading up.i think if i went up to the u16 i could become better so i would have a better chance of making it through to the munster cadets.but if i stay u14 i would more than likely be captain and would be a big part of the team.i am told that im very good and i have a big tackle.i dont know what to do please answer.i will choose the best answer.

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    Having 2 of my sons play rugger, if you feel you have the ability to physical challenge in the U16's, then I would say go for that!

    The experience and getting further would help you is this is what you want!

    On the other hand, if being a captain and mentor to team mates is important to you, then stay where you are.

    What you have to think about is, that clubs like Munster look at the U16's, more so than U14's, but by the time you get to this age group, they feel you are to old and not select you!

    My advise is go to the U16's, you have more chance of progressing through now than a year or two down the line!

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    u could move up to the 16s den drop back 2 da 14s, if u want but that would put u out of favour with your mates coach and teammates. id say if you think u hav a realistic chance of making munster cadets then stay with the 14s, you will have the position of captain AND more experience as you will be playing for an extra year than when you move up. Hope it helps!-fubyxterminator

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    personally i would go up to u16 for a number of reasons really but the main one is to have a chance to get in Munster cadets and then from there you might be able to play for the first team and then for your country if you are any good lol

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    You wouldn't by any chance be playing in Munster would you? The date change is affecting me too, I'm going to be U-18's for the next two years. Any chance you could play both?

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    im a freshmen on a highscool team and play on both the jv team and the b-side varsity and am usually the best player in jv games but perfer to play b side with better and more experienced players to improve my game if i where you i would move up and improve your game and you could always be the captain in a year or two

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    i had the same option when i was younger. playing in ages above what i should be, i went for it and it made me a better player, it made me stronger, quicker, and then by the time i was 17 i was starting for the Clubs 1stXV

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    i think if you want to become stronger and be challenged then join the u16's. plus, you'll be with your mates.

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