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i got in a car accident 15 days after i got my license.. what will happen when i go to court?

it was just a fender bender.. i rear ended the hitch of someones truck.. nothing at all happened to the truck and no one was hurt.. my car has a hole in the bumper and the headlight shattered..


i hit someones rear hitch on his truck with the front of my car and the headlight shattered... and neither of us had to call our insurance companies.. but i did get a ticket.

Update 2:

i got ACDA marked on the ticket and a court date for the 20th.. i cant just not go to it.. then i'll get in more trouble..

Update 3:

and i'm 6 weeks pregnant.. do you think my baby is ok?

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    I an answering under the presumption that since you got your license only 15 days ago you are still considered a juvenile. If this is the case that answer another respondents question about why there is a court appearance. Juveniles are required to make a personal appearance after any citation due to the fact that they are considered to be on "Probation" as a driver. The fact that no one was injured and the other party sustained no damage is in your best interests. The officer that gave you the citation no doubt cited you for "ACDA: failure to stop within an Assured Clear Distance Ahead " The judge in this case will most likely levy a fine and at the most a provisional probationary period not to exceed your eighteenth birthday. Hang in there and BE CAREFUL.

    Source(s): 13 years as a law enforcement officer
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    Let me get this straight. You are at fault for an accident a year ago and because you had no insurance and the other guy who was not at fault had insurance pays means not to worry about it since they will pay it, so you don't need to take responsibility for their damages? This is not all of a sudden with $23,000 in damages. Most likely the other person had substantial injuries and had been treating probably at least 6 months or more before they were able to settle with his insurance company. You don't state if the car you were driving is yours or if it was your parents at the time of the accident. If your parents owned the car, they will be partially responsible for this debt since they owned an uninsured car they let you drive. But if this car was owned by you, then you will need to figure out how to repay this debt. You need to contact them about a payment plan or have them garnish wages if you are working. If not, they will sue you and that will cost more. If you had insurance, they would have paid and you would not be in this mess today. I hope you are not continuing to drive an uninsured car now? good luck, you will need it edit; a lawyer can only help you in filing bankruptcy for this $23K only or defend you in a lawsuit if they sue you. but you will pay the lawyer separate, since auto accident lawyers work for the person WHO IS NOT AT FAULT AND COLLECT FROM THE SETTLEMENT.

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    It depends what the ticket was for (to all those that did not read his Q to the end, he got a ticket --that's why he is going to court).

    You need to check your state laws as to what happens if you get a ticket while on probation and how many points your ticket is. Unfortunately, without that info, its tough to actually answer the question.

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    Depends on your state. Here in Texas, if you've had your license for less than 30 days and you get into an accident the judge automatically must shoot you in the face and drag your body through the street behind his pick-up truck. The citizens of the city stand on the sidewalk and throw guacamole on your dead carcas as it's dragged by. Your body is then left to rot in the sun... along with some tortilla chips... because even the vultures like to have chips with their guac.

    ... but that's Texas.

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    Then you just pay the ticket, "probably for driving to fast for road conditions" or "following too close". Just pay the ticket and go home. YOu dont even have to go to the court hearing, you can just go to the court house and pay the ticket and never think about it again.

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    Who said anything about going to court. Just because your in a minor accident, doesn't mean your going to court. You should have collision insurance, and you should be paying your deductible, then the insurance will pay the rest. If the other party is not claiming injury, then the insurance agency will take care of everything.

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    Dont go to court if you dont have to, just pay the ticket I am sure you got for careless driving, although some states make younger drivers go to court. You will just get fined, rearend accident is common for new drivers, you wont get much crap for it, you werent be stupid. Dont sweat it!!!

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    If there was no damage to their car and nobody was hurt, you should be fine. If you have insurance, they will take care of it.

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    Did he report you to his insurance company? Was there a police report made?

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    nothing they will tell you to exchange info insurace will do the might lose some points though on your licence.

    they arnt slack just cos your new

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