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Is it possible for me to recover the important files in my external hard drive?I am so depressed?

Did my external hard disk break down because I stored too much data in it(only 5MB free space left)?True?

Will my external hard disk break down if I store too much data in it?

My external hard disk is almost full. However, I kept trying to store more data. Suddenly all the icons of my files in my external hard disk dissppeared. However, it showed that there is only 5MB left. But I can't find any of my files. They are all missing. Then, I unplugged the external hard disk . Now my laptop can't detect my external hard disk after I plugged the hard disk drive back into the laptop.My external hard disk has been making some " sizzling sound " and very hot .

However, my laptop can detect my friend's external hard disk.

Question 1) As the title question

Question 2) I really wanna recover all my files. Should I take into the data recovery specialist? Or I reapair it my self ?

Question 3) I believe I haven't dome anything wrong to my external hard disk. Why do I deserve this ? Can this be avoidable?

I 've just bought my external hard disk for several months. It's name is Maxtor OneTouch Mini4 ( 160GB)

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    Q1) it depends. You might not or might be able to recover all your data. depending on the severity of the external hard drive. there are generally 2 problems if your hard drive breaks down. 1 logical the other physical. logical refering to your hard drive having some problems inside. physical refers to u dropping the extrenal hard drive before or hitting it hard against something before. for the former, it will be easier to recover. So it is still possible.

    Q2) take it to a data recovery company. Do not try it yourself. you have to have the necessary programs to do that.

    Q3) THis type of stuff is not avoidable. All hard disk will die no matter of its brand whatsoever. this is because no hard disk in the world is made perfect. a sizzling sound might be a physical problem. i don't know. so try to recall any instances where u dropped your drive or not. I hope this helps you.

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    Question 1)

    No, your harddrive should not die because of storing too much data. Just like any storage device your Operating System will let you know there is not enough space to write. Definitely 100% not true.

    Question 2)

    Since you indicated you cannot access the partition of your external harddisk there is 2 things you can do:

    - Open the case, remove the hdd and connect it directly to the mainboard of your pc.

    - Secondly you could take it to a company specialized in data recovery. If you have no idea how to do the first suggestion I would do this.

    Question 3)

    As long as you do not travel a lot, bump your external hdd against solid objects / drop it or let your dog play with it, it is just bad luck. It really happens to everyone, so learn to always make backups of what you value most.

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    Yes, it is possible. see this guide that helped me before

    It is easy to follow and works well for me.

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