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Help! Hot Aquarium!?

im from the philippines.... i have a 35 gallon aquarium...


fully planted with 6 albino corydoras and a small 2 inch black ghost knife.... i checked the water today and it was 32 Celsius... and i think it may even be hotter in a worst case scenario...

-- will it kill the plants and the fish?

-- should i just keep a Red Crayfish instead?

my 40 watts fluorescent light wasnt even on yet when i checked the temperature...

-- can i cool it down without using ice or spending tons?

-- are the force of the flowing/blown water with bubbles harmful to the plants and the fish? i mean is water movement bad for plants and my fishes?

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    Don't worry about the temperature. You live in a tropical country and water as well as atmospheric temperature is naturally high, specially now that it's summer.

    High temperatures cannot kill plants and fishes. Fishes and plants are not as sensitive as you might think. They can adjust to high temperature provided this is not permanent and they are expose to it gradually.

    Crayfishes are a no no in a planted tank as they like to snip plants until only stubs are left.

    Water movement is not bad for fish and plants per se. But TOO rapid a movement causes carbon dioxide to leave the aquarium which is bad for plants, and may cause fish to bounce around the tank.

    Source(s): I'm also from the Philippines.
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    To keep the tank cooler you need to:

    a) turn down the heater if you have a one, or get a smaller heater as the ratio of the heater to the water surface will make the tank cooler.

    b) being in the philippines, it is a hot country, and realistic you do not need a heater for the summer months. The tank should be kept in a cool room, away from drafts and direct sunlight. Keeping it away from direct sunlight is really important as this encourages the growth of algae, which will cause problems.

    To your 'mini' questions:

    1) no it will not kill your fish or plants at that temp, if it goes any higher then it might.

    2) I can't answer this part as I have never had Crayfish.

    3) the light does not affect the tanks heat to much, if you are worried about the light, you can get lower strengths. But the plants and fish do need good tank lighting. If there is no light they will not be very active, eat very well and basically it is not good for them.

    4) DO NOT USE ICE AS THIS WILL KILL YOUR FISH! the only thing you may need to pay for is a smaller heater so no you don't need to spend tons of money. If you do a partial water change this might help as well.

    5) No the bubbles and the force of air from the filter is not bad for the fish or the plants. They need this to survive. My fish like playing among the bubbles, so it is a great distraction for them. If you are worried that it is too bubbly most filters do have a variable control, so just turn it down a little.

    I hope that this has answered all your questions.

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    Technically the most appropriate way to handle this would be a chiller, but they are expensive.

    I would not use ice cubes straight into the aquarium, but a baggie of them floating would probably help a bit - as long as it is a small baggie.

    I would also avoid an ice pack (unless it is in a sealed baggie), as they can sometimes leak - and the blue gunk in them is NOT good for your fish!

    Partial water changes with slightly cooler water will help in the short term, but that won't solve the issue if your room temperature is going to bring the water right back up to the high temp.

    Another option is to use a fan blowing across the surface of the aquarium, but that will cause rapid evaporation, which you'll need to keep an eye on so that you can refill the tank as needed.

    Aerated water (bubbles in the water) can help to keep the temperature even throughout the tank, but it doesn't really make a difference as far as keeping the tank cooler. Circulation in the tank basically just ensures that your entire aquarium is the same temperature. This is normally a good thing for both fish and plants, though there are some varieties of aquatic life that do not enjoy a current. The cories and ghost knife should be fine with an air pump (bubble blower).

    Good luck.

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    You could do wa ter change, using cooler water, but be sure that you don't change the overall temp more than 2 degrees.

    After that I suggest you use ice PACKS, and keep switching them out as they warm. Don't use too many at a time, because you want to bring that temp down slowly, no faster than 2 degrees an hour.

    Also, uncovering the tank and using a fan to blow air over the water will help.

    The Phillipines is a hot place. What are your plans for keeping the tank cool over the hot season? Do you have A/C in your house? You might need to invest in a chiller. Yes, they are expensive, but look at all that you already have vested in that tank.

    At ThatPetPlace you can get a chiller and temp controller for your sized tank for less than 200 bucks.


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    DONT USE ICE!!!! Do a partial water change with water just a couple degrees cooler than temp of aquarium water. Mixing the cooler water with warmwr water will bring the temp down some but wont be harmful to the fish.

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    A freshwater tank for tropical fish should be kept at between 70 and 80 degrees fahrenheit.

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    Freeze a gallon jug of water and float it in your water with the lid on jug thats what i did for my ocean tanks and goldfish ponds.

    Debbie O

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    idk for the other things, but dude!!! dont use ice, it will be a rapid temp change and since ur fishies cant cope up with the changes that fast and so it may kill them.

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    turn down the heater

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