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Did you see where Christians claimed to have found the "Oldest Christian Church" today on yahoo news?

It was in a cave underneath a temple in Jordan... they date it back to almost 300 years before Christianity was even invented lmao... these were what were called "Mystery Schools" and they were very popular all around europe and the far east and they often gathered together in caves. The stories in the bible descended from these mystery schools. The real Christians were the pagans that the Church killed off.


Here's the article... read it then go look up "cave mystery schools" on yahoo hehe

Update 2:

The bible is a book of stories intended to be read by initiated members of these ancient secret societies that had the gnosis/knowledge to understand them. They're stories about astronomy, astrology, and shamanism (psychedelic enlightenment through natural psychoactive drugs.)

These stories originally descended from the Ancient Greek and Egyptian mystery schools.

Update 3:


For centuries, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in central Greece contained the most prestigious oracle in the Graeco-Roman world, a favorite of public officials and individuals alike. The oracle was said to relay prophetic messages and words of counsel from Python, the wise serpent son of the Mother-goddess Delphyne or from the Moon-goddess Artemis through their priestess daughters, the Pythonesses or Pythia. According to myth, the god Apollo murdered Delphyne and claimed the shrine and the Pythia for himself, imprisoning the serpent seer in the recesses of a cave beneath the temple.

ahhh yes... the cave beneath the temple hehe

Update 4:

lsa, Christianity was originally a paganistic thing about being reborn through eating magic mushrooms they named Jesus in their stories to hide the truth from the authorities at the time... the forbidden fruit, the manna, the bread of life. It was about opening the 3rd eye, the crown chakra, the inner vision through the use of a psychoactive mushroom. :-)

That's what these mystery schools were really all about and that's what the stories are about..

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    Well, I read the article. Based on what you've said, I'm not sure YOU read it. The dates ARE consistent and such a place certainly could have existed in the First Century. It's up to the archaeologists to determine the validity of the claims.

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    No, I read an article from CNN that stated a scientist will do some more testing and exploring before offering any conclusions. However, it is theorized that the area was used by '70 disciples,' around (up to/before/shortly after) 200 AD, and might be the first Christian 'church.' So far scientists have found a cemetery and underground tunnels leading to living quarters and running water. These things will be helpful in dating the site.

    Further study is needed before any conclusion can be reached.


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    interesting article. i think this trend has been going on for a while now, but it's changing for the worse now because of all the new age/feel good/god is you-you are god kind of philosophies so prevalent in our society today. it really starts at home, with strong Christian teaching and values instilled in our youth so they don't fall for any of these false teachings. i found it interesting that the author said, "many parents and pastors are unwittingly passing on this self-serving strain of Christianity." how could they unwittingly being passing it on unless they are totally ignorant of the Bible? if you teach kids falsehoods, what do you expect? i think it's very sad that apparently many people go to church regularly and yet never know the Lord.

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    At that time I could only imagine the Church maybe killing off the old pagans, who were going to die anyway, to save them from the indignity of being fed to the lions!!

    The early Church was made up from a few Greek speaking Jews and mostly Pagans who were sympathetic to the Cause. There would be no reason for it to kill off Pagans. In the Arthurian legends Merlin (pagan) worked side by side with Arthur (Christian) against evil. I think that is a principle to follow. Christians should honor paganism in the same way children should honor parents.

    At last I can clearly see why the gnostic scriptures were excluded from christian canon. Thank you MJ lol

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    Really now?! Wow ... kinda like the Catecombs. Too bad they had to kill off the Pagans! Take no prisoners ... leave no witnesses.

    I always thought that I could sense a bit of that "cave mentality" with the Xians. I thought it was me but apparently not.

    Speaking of Rapture and Ascension ... check out this link:


    Peace .... Happy Friday the 13th

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    The followers of Jesus were first called Christians before 55 AD, because the book of Acts was written in 55A.D. and that book says " they were first called CHRISTIANS at Antioch." That puts Christianity in a similar time frame as this church and a much earlier date than your presumed "invention."

    Other articles about this church state that archaeologists are calling for caution and further research before confirming that it can rightly be called the oldest church in the world.


    And your entire premise about the Bible is a complete fabrication, unsubstantiated, unprovable, and would not stand up to the scrutiny of critical scholarship.

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    WRONG!!! Your article bore no resemblence to your atheistic rant. A Christian Church 300 years before Christ ever walked on earth??? Where did you come up with such a load of rot???

    I'd go back and read it again. It only added to the evidence that Jesus did exist and his 70 original disciples were real!

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    CAVES???!!! Talk about your bats in the belfry!

    Mushroom Jesus - Felt the need to add I am not insulting you and hope that when I come on to answer a question I am not picking on you, okay?

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    very interesting but it is wrong in that the church is the people that met there not the cave, they were called Christians and persecuted by the Jews well before the catholic church was founded the first official churches were the Coptic ones in Egypt.

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    Although it is the oldest Christian church it is of course quite recent against the temples, shrines and other religious buildings of so many other religions!!!!

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