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Family Background

My name is Ing-ping Lang, an seventeen-year-old girl from Tainan. I have an English name called Jessica. There are four people in my family. My father is a worker, my mother is a housewife, and my younger brother is a junior student now. I love the warm and comfortable atmosphere of my family. They always give many of my reinforcementses. I must say I am lucky enough to grow in such a great home surrounding.

Hobbies & Interest

I like to listen to western music, sing songs , and surf the internet. Listen to and singing western songs not only is my interest, but also is also having a very great help to the top of the learning and ability of English. Sometimes also turn on the program that the radio listens to ICRT, listen to VJ’s pronunciation, melodious modulation in tone etc, promote my to listen to and communicate ability with this.

School Life

After the Jointed Entrance Examination for Senior High Schools, I was admitted to National Jhuolan Experimental Senior High School, and I chose the Department of Applied Foreign Languages.

In Senior, teach in the excellent teachers under, make my English strength tried for the best and I was always on the top five of my class. I once held the post of a academic arts officer; now I am elected as a guidance officer. because I am earnest in the eyes of my classmates.

Future Plan

Diversified in the world day by day, the multinational has already become essential times, the foreign language is the main tool of international actual situation, hope in the future university four years, strengthen technique translation and the curriculum of the language teaching, and carefully return a programming to come out to will study for higher degree and work in the future direction, and dynasty from certainly the target develops hard, and in many ways absorbs a new information and becomes a top world person.






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    用~花色ㄉ紙 OR BOUBLE Aㄉ紙比較好


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    Source(s): 很實用的翻譯部落格
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