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fill in 和 fill out 都是填寫,有啥差別

查字典fill in 和 fill out 都是填寫,請英文好的前輩指點一下有啥差別? 填寫各式申請表用哪個較好?

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    除了以上這幾位英文大大給的正確解答外to fill in


    to fill in-- to inform(告知), to give more complete information(給更完整的資訊)

    Ex: 1) If the new employer does not know about his duties, fill him in.

    2) I wish there is someone could fill me in about what my duties are.

    3) My assistant was not too familiar with the details of the new project, so I filled him in during our conference.


    Source(s): practice with idioms
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    申請表用哪個較好 ?

    fill out in better than fill in

    其實 fill in 和 fill out沒有什麼差別解釋如下

    Fill in a need blank

    Fill out or complete a form or application

    如果用fill up( make something full)裝滿就差很多了

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    fill in 是填空, as in - fill in the blanks

    fill out 則是填申請表, as in - fill out the form or questionnaire

    填寫各式申請表用 fill out 較好.

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