why does my dog pee everywhere when we have sex?

every time me and my wife do the deed, my dog sits outside the door and paws at it and barks. we can hear him running around. when we come out there is always piss everywhere. we dont really punish him for it because he always acts scared. does anyone else have this problem?


he's a 10 month old Boxer

Update 2:

i didnt mean to make it sound like i have sex with my dog

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    He probably would do the same thing even if you guys are not doing "the deed." Try locking him outside your room, and most likely he will do the same thing. He just want to go in where you or your wife are. My dog does the same when I'm in a bathroom, or I closed the door and she's outside. The peeing is most likely because he is still a pup, and/or trying to mark his territory. If he is marking his territory, you need to train him not to do that. He probably does it at other places you don't know of.

    Dogs must mark their territory – it is life. And dogs do it. Accept it. You cannot dismiss the innate urges and routines of a dog - but you can modify them

    It is a dog's way of communicating with the world. They are saying “I am here”

    It is a normal behavioral characteristic but can be quite annoying to dog owners. Your house get soaked in the odor from your dog and there is a cost for the clean up. Your property can become damaged. But dogs don't know they are doing something wrong.

    Here are a few tips to help:

    1. Prevention is key - one of the best ways to stop your dog from urine marking is to have him operated on. Getting your dog neutered or spayed will reduce natural chemicals and hormones that get primed by sexual heat. Your vet will help and advise you.

    2. Take his items and place them where you don't want him to urinate – he will respect his own possessions. This could mean placing his food dish or water bowl next to an area that he may have marked. This might prevent him from marking that area again. Dogs are naturally clean animals and do not want ruin the areas in which they sleep or eat.

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    He probably thinks your hurting each other. You may laugh at this, but it is known that some dogs do get scared when they can not see their owners but can hear unusual noises coming from a closed room. That is why your dog wee's everywhere and acts scared when you come out of the room because he probably thinks you're going to hurt him as well.

    Try and give him some toys or one of those toys you can put a treat in, that way he will be too occupied to bother about you and your wife!!

  • Jeanne
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    Crate him before the "deed" or put him in the bathroom, he has no way of understanding what he is hearing and smelling from that room. How frustrating for him. I would use a crate, because he could cause havoc in the bathroom.

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    he may be concerned that something bad is happening, so he is trying to protect you. boxers are great dogs and get EXTREMELY attatched to their masters. they are more than willing to give their lives to defend you. try either letting him in the room with you to know that everything is fine, or, if you are not establishing your dominance in the pack, he may actually be angry at you because he feels that he is the only one allowed to breed with the females in his pack. peeing is sometimes a dominance gesture. maybe try neutering him (the cheapest place is the humane society) and/or putting him outside where he can be praised for peeing

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    Do you normally leave your door open for him any other time? If so, it might be because you closed your door on him and left him out of the room. He could just be being spiteful for being left alone. My dog has a tendency to pee on things when she's mad at me.

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    in the event that they do no longer seem to be in warmth nevertheless. I even have seen lady canines hump out of dominance tens of millions of cases. They male has had adequate and is making an attempt to tutor her that he's greater dominant and he or she is HIS. i think of it extremely is greater of a dominance element than an extremely sexual element.

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    Next time leave the door open... as long as he's not jumping all over you, it's OK for him to be in there, right? Just try not to look at him. =P

    If that's not an option, put him in his crate (if you have one) while you're "busy."

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    i think he is jealous. maybe put him in his kennel before you two go into your room, wait a few minutes then go do your deed.

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    You should consult an animal behaviorist. They would be more qualified to answer your question.

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    I would consider rewriting the question

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