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Is borax safe to use on carpets to kill fleas in a home with a child?

I'm confused...some sites say it's safe, others say it's toxic. I really want to get rid of the fleas but obviously don't want to harm my son or my cat in the process. I have put salt on the carpet, but want to try Borax to really get rid of them. Does anyone have any definite info either from literature or personal use regarding the safety of Borax??? Thanks!!!


***Thanks for the answers and suggestions. I've listened to the advice and gone against using the Borax. I called the Vet and took the cat in for a "super bath" which included a flea bath, capstar pill, and flea medicine. She seems to be less itchy! I also went to several stores until I settled at Petco for "Biospot" for the carpets, which is suppsed to be safe for kids and pets...I hope so! I hope the fleas are history! Thanks!

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    Unfortunately I don't have definite literature that will give you an answer either way, but I can tell you quite confidently that, safe or not, the borax won't completely get rid of your flea problem. The safest way to go would be to go to your vet and get some flea meds for your kitty. Some of these are quite expensive, and they cover a range of internal and external parasites. My animals are all on a product called Revolution (selamectin). Not only does it get rid of ticks and fleas, but it is also a preventative treatment for fleas (adults and eggs), sarcoptic mites, ear mites, heartworm and many intestinal parasites. It's also a very safe product to use.

    If you're looking for something that's a tad less expensive but still very effective, I would go for Advantage. It's a few drops of liquid that are applied monthly to the back of the animal's neck (VERY easy to do!). Most vets do require the animal come in, but usually it's just to get an accurate weight (which doesn't cost anything). Once the animals are on Advantage used every month, then your flea problem should virtually disappear! Fleas live on animals, so without animals to live on, they won't be in your house.

    Both Advantage and Revolution are very safe. I'd keep your child away from the cat for a few hours after you apply the medication, just in case. Maybe you could apply it when your child goes to bed.

    Anywho, I hope that was helpful! Good luck in achieving a blissfully flea-free home! :)

    Source(s): 3 years as a veterinary assistant, and many years as a pet owner
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    According to wikipedia borax stays in the body a long time and can have adverse effects on testes development, among other things.

    I would be very careful about using it if your child is young enough that he licks his fingers or eats things off the carpet. Your cat will more than likely be safe - they're very picky about what they eat, and have very tough stomachs. What'll kill a human just gives a cat a stomach ache.

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    I did this and it seems to have done the trick. But also spray the yard, de-flea the doggie and then repeat the process so that any new flea hatchings would be killed. It takes a while to break the cycle.

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