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Avatar Nintendo DS Game Help??

In Chapter 4 in the library part (i already got the code to get in the library) i can't get past that one guard pacing the bookshelves without him seeing aang(or any of the others) and forcing them back outside, i've been trying for 3 months to get past this part! HELP!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    im not familiar with the game, this is straight from gamefaqs.

    1. Go to the palace and talk to King Bumi.

    2. He’ll direct you to the library, so make your way there.

    3. The guards at the front won’t let you in, so go around the back and try to

    open the door.

    4. As Momo, return to the door and play the minigame to open the lock. (See

    the section below for solutions.)

    5. Sneak past the guards. Don’t forget to hold B to walk! Also, don’t miss

    the side room in the second guarded area, which contains some stat-up

    items. Check the Omashu Library Map (seperate FAQ) for a detailed

    walkthrough of this area.

    6. Head back to the palace, and speak with Bumi again. He’ll send you to the

    shop in the east of town to get some paste.

    7. The shopkeeper will ask you for an egg, nuts and powdered herb, and direct

    you to the market. There’s a nut tree on the way, and just speak to the

    herbalist to get the herb. To get the egg, first speak to the Fruit Shop

    trader, then go to the Tea House and speak to the owner.

    8. Return to the shop, and get the paste.

    9. The Fire Nation attacks the town, so from now on you’ll be encountering

    enemies. Haru leaves the party for now.

    10. Return to the palace. Haru will rejoin you here, and Bumi will tell you

    about the secret exit in the east of the city. Make your way there.

    11. The boss battle begins when you enter the arena.

  • 5 years ago

    rotate your screen so you can see where the guard is going that might help

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok, its all about your timing, i know it may seem impossible but there is a split second that you can book it w/ o getting caught

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