In the book the outsiders who had a knife to their neck by the socials ? and who helped him ? please help.?

i need this to help me with my english final, thanks.

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    knife to the neck... in the bigining?

    ponyboy was walking home from the movies when some soc's started following him. he started running and when they caught up to him the socs taunted him by saying"need a hiarcut'd you like that haircut to begin right below your chin" thats when the put the blade to his chin barly cutting him when his "gang" shows up (dally johnny darry soda and steve)thats the very begining pg 5 in my book

    if your talking about when the socs attack johnny and pony in the park no one has a blade to the neck but pony is being drown when johnny kills bob thats in chapter 4 pgs 54-57'ish

    but come on now this is obvious stuff, reread the book before your final if you dont even know this

    Source(s): THE BOOK
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