Clothes washer won't spin clothes to drain water out?

What are some likely causes of the problem when a clothes washer, which works in all other respects, is leaving clothes soaking wet at the end of the cycle, apparently having failed in its spin cycle to wring excess water out of them? Is there a filter which might be clogged? Is the spin cycle completely failing to run? Any advice would be appreciated...I'd love to try to fix the problem myself if possible.

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    I have had this happen. After a few tries myself, was able to figure out where I went wrong. Sometimes it is from an uneven load. Towels with t shirts, not a good idea....1 t shirt....maybe......4 or more with a load of towels not so good. Without an even load, the balance is thrown off and the load will not spin properly, therefore, leaving water behind in the clothes. There is the possibility that the pump is gone or going on it, or maybe a lint clog of some kind, or even a small sock or something. You can check the lines and re-install. Check around all the seals if a front loader to make sure the drain holes are not blocked, I don't know how to check for whether it is the pump or not, but if the other ideas don't clear the problem up, you might figure by elimination that is might be the pump. Hope this helps you out! Good luck!

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    More than likely you have overloaded your washer and it was too heavy to spin. You could have blown the motor, but you will have to lighten the load and try again to find out. If you decrease the weight in the washer and it still doesn't spin out...time for a new motor OR just get a new washer!

    Source(s): My sister is famous for overloading and breaking washers!
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    Your belt is worn and needs to get replaced. The Maytag section quantity to your belt is 22003483. The belt is on the very backside of your device(no could eliminate any panels) and is going over 3 pulleys, the motor pulley, the pump pulley and the transmission pulley. The belt is authorized to slide till the tub gets as much as velocity. With a worn belt it slips too lots and impacts the cost of the pump besides because of the fact the cost of the tub. With a sparkling belt the pump will empty the water swifter and the tub will spin swifter to extract the water for drier clothing on the tip of the cycle.

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    try lightening your load. If you put too much in the washer, it gets too heavy and will not spin, this has happened to me before. Hope this helps!

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    Hurrah, that's what I was looking for! Thanks to author of this question.

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