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What is the difference between "appearance" and "looks"..?

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    Interesting question. They're often used interchangeably, but when you look deeper into meanings you can find that many words are similar but are better used some ways but not others. Your question piqued my interest so I looked up the words. Words we use one way sometimes have some odd uses.


    Court appearance I'm familiar with, but some of these wouldn't have crossed my mind.

    "Variations in the physical appearance of humans, known as human looks, are believed by anthropologists to be an important factor in the development of personality and social relations in particular physical attractiveness." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_physical_appear...

    Of the four definitions these two fit.

    1 a: external show : semblance <although hostile, he preserved an appearance of neutrality> b: outward aspect : look <had a fierce appearance> c plural : outward indication <trying to keep up appearances>2 a: a sense impression or aspect of a thing <the blue of distant hills is only an appearance> b: the world of sensible phenomena


    Appearance is how something seems or the way a thing or person presents oneself. "Looks" is another person's perception of that person or thing. People go to great lengths to display a certain outward appearance. Other people consciously or unconsciously assess and make judgments about others' appearance. Of course in the definition of each word the other is used. Whether writing or speaking choose the one you think is best.


    17. the way in which a person or thing appears to the eye or to the mind; aspect: He has the look of an honest man. The tablecloth has a cheap look.

    19. looks,

    a. general aspect; appearance: to like the looks of a place.

    b. attractive, pleasing appearance.


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    1 decade ago

    appearance is what you reflect to the other person

    you can b different one day and great or bad the next day!

    its that impression when peoplelook at you

    Looks is something you are born with:

    such as a cute face , a nice healthy body, etc...

    so basically: you can change appearance but not looks!

    unlessif you go for the plastic surgery....dont!

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    Appearance is how you first see someone but a "good look" is how someone carries themself and this can carry much more weight than the appearance itself. A decently attractive woman with good looks would get more attention than an extremely attractive woman with poor looks.

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    large question madhavi:) you already know in spite of the undeniable fact that those words sound synonimous yet nonetheless there lies a "deep" difference !! Happiness could be got here across of issues which would possibly not additionally be beneficial to our religious or psychological element like we could bypass out & have our widespread dish & outfits etc., we would experience happy. yet delight comes from a sort of achievent, if we get sturdy grades in study we would get a favorable feeling that asserts "confusing be conscious paid off" now thats greater advantageous isn't it ;p[ Now peace.... i think of it relies upon on what mindset we undertake towads the "activities" we do for "happiness" or the two "delight", peace particularly exist in our self, it purely ought to be got here across by potential persons. a guy or woman of lack of information could desire to experience peace on the same time as a confusing worker could desire to be strresed. this is even oposite to that . So peace needs to got here across by potential persons.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Appearance is something truth. We can deny about our appearance. Looks is something we can see, and we don't know whether is it fake or original.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would say that your appearance is something you can control and change. You can't change your looks, well with surgery, maybe.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Looks are what you are born with. Appearance is how you present yourself: clothes, confidence level, intellect.

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    well i think appearance is more how hard you trie to make urself look good but looks is like how you were born i think

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    appearance is how you dress

    Looks are how you attractive you are

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