Starting a Cleaning Business?

I just wondered who much I should charge per hour if I were to start a cleaning business. Kind of like a maid for a few hours. Its me and a friend of mine thinking about doing this for extra cash. We live in the Northeast part of the country (ohio) and were curious as to how much we should charge, should it differ if the house is bigger or smaller, and how much per person? I'm aware that if we will be using our own supplies, we should tack on extra costs... anyone have any ideas on what to charge approximate? Do we charge by room, or by hour? I've heard between 10 and $15 is normal, but not sure if its for my area.


I don't want some tacky website to tell me how to make money...I'm doing it on my own w/ cleaning services. Quit replying to me w/ these crappy websites that want to make me money please.

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    Great post. The most important part of business is advertising. This makes or breaks a business. Some of the best ways to advertise I've found are:

    1. Offline promoting (business cards, flyers, newspaper and other print advertising).

    2. Online promoting (buying banner ads, forum posts, email auto replies).

    The best method that's worked for me so far is handing out business cards. I don't do this in the usual way.... I buy them in bulk from a place online (they give the cards for free, I just paid shipping and handling...they also give a really nice free business card holder, it looks impressive). They're really high quality. I just put all of the info about my business on the cards, and I hand them out on cars at bus stations, malls, etc. It's worked out really, really well for me, and it's completely inexpensive =)

    Good Luck with your business!

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