mexico and usa?

MEX-1 ARG-4 and USA-0 ARG-0

does that mean usa is way better than mexico

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    Not at all, the Argentina players and coach said that they didn't play against US with the heart when they played Mexico, why is that? Because they really wanted to beat Mexico bad, because Mexico has proven to the world that it is a threat. As much as US fans will hate what I'm going to say, Mexico is still the king of CONCACAF and US has a long way to go to catch up to Mexico. First of all, history is history and football is based through history. What proof can US people tell me to think that US is better than Mexico at all. Here's some things, Mexico National Team has won the Gold Cup 7 times (3 of them were when the Gold Cup was named CONCACAF Championship) while US has won 4. Mexico has won a Confederations Cup back in 1999, Mexico has gotten to the Copa America Final not once, but twice already. So how can people come and say that US is better than Mexico at football. Now let's see, that's 30 wins for Mexico, 10 draws, and 15 US wins. There I go again, it goes through history. Whenever US earns all those things or more than I told you about Mexico earning already, then talk about US being better, but for now, people have to suck it up and keep admitting that Mexico is still the King Of CONCACAF, wether US fans like it or not. This is one thing US fans like to brag about a lot by saying "well Mexico haven't beaten us for the last 10 years in US Soil", but let me ask you a question, When was the last time that US Beat Mexico in Mexico? Go ahead, do your research. It's gonna be real hard to find a win. I really don't see what kind of big accomplishment that is. Now tell me, what big accomplishment have the USNT done to think US Soccer can be better than Mexico Football in a few years? US has a long way to go (I don't mean 5 or 10 years, I mean 50 or more years) to get the accomplishments that Mexico football has done to even try to compare to Mexico Football. Like I said, Football is based through history, otherwise no one would say Brasil is the best team in the world.

    And to Reap:

    Like you said, look at the history between Mexico and US. Let's see, Copa America final 2 times already, 1 Confederations Cup in 1999. 30 Mexico wins, 10 ties, and 15 US wins, that don't seem to me like US is any better against Mexico, now does it. On the contrary, it proves that Mexico is years and years ahead of US Soccer, as much as you hate it, you have to admit it. In World Cups, who always does better, Mexico or US? I admit that US beat Mexico back in '02, but overall who does better? Who is better recognized worldwide and has more respect for what they have proven? That's Mexico. Ever since 1994 World Cup in US, Mexico has never failed to pass the group stage. Beginning from US 1994, Mexico has always passed rounds in the world cups. It would go all the way back to '86 but they didn't go to 1990 for FMF reasons. But who can you say it better? Yep, that's Mexico. Now, There's your history.

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    Yesterday Mexico beat USA because they were the better team there is nothing embarrassing about it. (we do not have enough American soccer fans to call this our back yard anyways) Mexico could have had a bad day and lost just as easily as they won yesterday. Also i don not see how we suck big time when we put up two early goals against Mexico, no easy feat in any game. We were just too busy worrying about Chicharito to remember that Mexico has quite a bit of other good players that can score.

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    Like people have said, futbol is the most unpredictable game. Anyone can win. Just because Mexico lost to Argentina, and the US tied against Argentina, doesn't mean the US is better than Mexico. It just means they did better against the same team. Plus, all the recent friendlies have been played on US soil. When the World Cup qualifiers came in '06, the US couldn't beat Mexico (or even tie) in the Azteca. Plus, of all the 22 games played on Mexican soil, Mexico won 21 (95.5%) of those games and tied only once (04.5%). Of all 32 games played on US soil, Mexico won 9 (28.8%), tied 10 (31.3%) and lost 13 (40.6%), a far superior record compared to that of the US's on Mexican soil. Overall, Mexico won 30 of 55 (54.5%), tied 11 (20%) and lost 14 (25.5%). Mexico has scored 119 of 181 goals between the two teams (65.7%) and conceded 62 goals (34.3%). The facts prove Mexico is better than the US. However, people will continue to say that the US is better. It's just all part of the wonderful game: the passion, the glory, and the bragging rights. The debate will go on forever, until one side finally admits the truth, whatever that may be. For me, the numbers prove it. For others, it might be something else. But the numbers clearly show a Mexico advantage.

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    Mexico played offensively against argentina and argentina just counter-attacked mexico all first half, and mexico was havein a bad day, and the US decided to play defensively and they made a bad choice by doing that, but they got lucky and have a pretty good golie that blocked evrything, so the tactics and luck factors was different in both games, and no it does not mean usa is better than mexico it just means they are very lucky

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    Chivas-1 Monterrey-4 America-1 Monterrey-0

    Is america better then Chivas? No

    Anything happens in futbol, Usa isn't better then Mexico. Just cause they tied with Argentina? Mexico beat Peru by a higher score then Spain. Does that mean Mexico is better then Spain? NO! I didn't want to bring this up but yea. according to FIFA rankings (lol) Mexico is better then Usa because Mexico is 14 and USA is 21.

  • Mexico is ranked 14 according to FIFA while the US is ranked 21. What does this mean?Mexico has had a higher average of all the games played last month than the US.OK, and just becuase Mexico lost against Argentina and the US tied doesn't mean one is better than the other. Maybe the circumstances did not allow for Argentina to score a goal or maybe the US was more defensive. Remember that Mexico has a new coach and it is hard for the players to adjust to his way of playing or tactics.

    please answer;_ylt=AodTY...

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    I am a USA fan but...............


    The Argentine team came tired and they had to rest some of there starters for the game against the USA. Mexico I think has better players but the USA has better strategy in all their games and that is why we always win. But the two teams are very even.

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    In terms of stamina the USA far surpassed the Mexican squad. Mexico has better technique, which can also hurt them by making them predictable at times, but the players are lazy when it comes to running and developing stamina. The USA has always been known for a strong stamina training program though they lack in technique and to answer your question they are at a par as the numbers show.

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    Better? I would say even....

    Mexico no longer holds their Dominance on the US. Check the last friendlies, not to mention the brutal 2-0 win for the US a few years back. Mexico is so pissed that they cannot dominate the Us anymore that they walked off the pitch without shaking hands after a draw in a recent friendly.

    Actually, I take my first comment back. The US are the better team now. Check the history Mexico fans.

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    Easy and el Tricolor answered it for you.

    Reap: You are an a*s my friend educate yourself,learn a little bit about Futbol,grow up and then come back,Mkay?

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