Gold, Silver, Bronze....Thoughts on a 3rd presidential nominee?

Expand options and allow a 3-way race with a strong third party with a reasonable chance of being elected.


I think that in a properly structured campaign finance system that the parties, both national and state, can take care of themselves. The trick is to devise a system in which all major party candidates (and any serious independent or third-party candidates) have enough money to mount competitive campaigns so that money will not be decisive and, at the same time, protect first amendment rights of free speech and free association.

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    There is always a 3rd candidate and often a 4th and 5th. The only thing that would make them "strong" is people turning off the television and actually exploring the other options instead of sitting back like babies and being spoon-fed who they should vote for without looking around first.

    If you took 100 people and asked who was running for President right now, probably 99 of them would only know two names. What does that tell us about the education level and patriotism in this society? Perhaps more importantly, what does it say about how much we want real solutions to our problems?

  • rich k
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    There hasn't been a US President who wasn't either a Democrat or Republican since 1858. Between them, those two parties always get 70-80% of all votes cast, and that doesn't leave enough for an independent to win. All a third candidate ever does is divide one or the other party and allow the other party to win, as Nader did the Democrats or Perot did the Republicans.

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    Well electing a third-party candidate is the ONLY WAY things are going to truly change, seeing how they are the only ones who support people and not corporations that give them money. I don't know why people can't understand this. Common sense, really.


    How is voting for the only candidates that are telling the truth and offering solutions a wasted vote? I'd say that's way more valuable than contributing to the current system that is going to be the downfall of our country. I refuse to support Republicrats.

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    There could be strong 3rd, 4th, and 5th party candidates if McCain/Clinton was the GOP ticket. Why? Because so many Republicans and Clintublicans would get confused and disorientated at this strange ticket, so all of them would leave their party and diffuse into the support of various 3rd party candidates. In this situation, Nader, Barr, and others would each get some 10 % each. McCain/Clinton would get less than 10%

    (Obama would win though)

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  • Midin
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    There are other options but I voted Green Party once and it was literally throwing my vote away. I regret it. Ppl want their votes to count so why would they back a dead horse? I like Ron Paul but he doesnt have a shot in hell so im not gonna throw my vote away. Even after doing research and looking up all the candidates I want my vote to count for something and voting Ron Paul will, unfortunately, be a wasted vote. As would voting for anyone but the two major candidates. It sucks but its true.

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