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Death Note?

Why Does Mikami Teru have Misa Amane's Death Note? Did he steal it? Please tell me in a detailed answer. Don't spam. Please. THNX!

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    Okay, you see, you know how you can't see a Death Note owner's name with the Shinigami eyes? Well, if Misa shoots her movie and someone with the eyes see no lifespan, they will guess that she's the Second Kira because she was so publicized and Light can't continue with judging crimminals himself because it would be suspicious. Mikami Teru was chosen as the next Kira because of Light's gut instict and Teru showed open support for Kira on TV. So Light made Misa give up ownership (she was only too happy to comply) and mailed the Death Note and instructions to Mikami.

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    The reason that Mikami has a death note is that Light had to give the notebook to that who knows what Kira wants but Light didn't give the notebook himself it was his shinigami who did it (Riuk). Light gave up the possession of the notebook and you know when that happens he losses memory of the notebook and shinigamis but instead he putted misa's notebook on him so nothing he did wouldn't be forgotten.

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    if you want accurate answer. i suggest you read/watch death note episodes

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    kira gave it to him

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