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Harry Potter or Twilight? (books)?

I adore bothh books

but if I had to choose I'd have to pick Harry Potter,

only because I've been in love with thoose books for those books for like a long time. Also Harry Potter is a different world and well Twilight is a great love story. Harry Potter also has that excitment and adventure that Twilight will never have.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE Twilight and since Harry Potter (Series) is done I'm more excited for the books, but you really cant compare it to Harry Potter.

So which do you like better Harry Potter or Twilight?


First of all I do read many books.

It's just that Harry Potter and Twilight are my two favorites, and if you dont like either why bother posting here. Gosh some people are so ignorant.

Update 2:

If you havent read both books, then don't post here either.

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    Actually I feel EXACTLY like you do. Twilight is great and I'm a huge fan (screen name) but Harry Potter is just so original and magical and I've grown up with it!

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    Let's make the assumption that most readers are okay with a relatively well-written YA novel that doesn't try to pass itself off as literature. In this case, I think if you asked this question to the same person in different stages of life, the answer would be different. Both books have a wide and very visceral appeal. However, they're relatable on different levels. Harry Potter speaks to the lonely or unappreciated child in each of us. As he faces monsters within and without, struggles with loyalty and betrayal, disillusionment and hope, and an all too uncertain future, his readers do too. It's a book about growing up and all the joys and trauma associated with coming of age. Yes, the world is populated by wizards. Take away the core, however, and all you have is a basic fantasy like a thousand others. JK Rowling succeeded because she struck a chord that very few tune precisely right.

    Twilight is another type of book altogether. It too is about inner change, but in such a focused area as to be fundamentally different than Rowling's treatment of youth. Instead of the spectrum, Meyer explores two aspects of growing up: angst and love. Strange how often those two go together. One speculation I've seen on the popularity of teen vampire books is that they reflects the darkness so many young adults wallow through. Being a teenager can be a seriously depressing time. One thing every kid goes through is the realization that hardly anything is black and white. In the tradition of Holden Caulfield, cynicism and confused bitterness are frequent successors to naivete. What could be more morally ambigious than a vampire protagonist? Talk about wearing a black and white striped hat. In true teen melodramatic style, books like Twilight project inner conflict in the most dramatic method possible.

    The other theme, of course, is romance. Forbidden fruit has been in vogue since Eden, and dark lovers have haunted the feminine fantasy through the centuries, from Persephone to Beauty and the Beast. Anyone who's been in love, thought they were in love or is just highly attuned to the concept will find some sort of resonance in the frustrating passion between Edward and Bella.

    So: in summary, each of these series hold special significance to the growing-up experience. The writing styles, while drastically different, do not really vary in quality. I'd make the case that the best book is the one you personally identify most with right now, and that may not be the one you'll identify with in the future.

    I like them both. :)

    P.S. Billions of people can be wrong. The idea that the world is flat was pretty popular at one time.

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    I love Twilight but the books just went from Twilight-brilliant to Breaking Dawn-horrible. But the Harry Potter books where just amazing from the 1st book to the last book. So Harry Potter books.

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    I would have to say Harry Potter. I fell in love with the series years ago, and I have stuck with it though and through. It really just makes you want to imagine what it would be like... I mean.. Magic. How is that not cool? But I also really love the Twilight series. It's really well writen and I love the whole vampires and more-than-the-love-of-my-life love thing. It's an incredible love story right. But if you put the two side by side, Harry Potter! Wooh!

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    I've never read the Twilight books. But I know the Harry Potter books have out sold them by a large margin. I think one of the reasons is the HP books transcend through all age groups. And from what I've read, Twilight is mainly for teen girls.

    Since I've only read the HP books that's my vote. Billions of people can't be wrong.

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    I have read all of both, Harry Potter by choice, and Twilight because nobody at school would talk to me until I read them. Obviously, Harry Potter is WWWWWWAAAAAAYYYYYY better.

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    i like harry potter cause those will always be classic in a way to me cause they were first and they are just awesome but i think i enjoyed twilight better just cause i like the story alot. Romance books i just seem to enjoy more

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    Harry Potter, hands down :)

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    The early HP books were very much enchanting.. however as they went along, it seemed a little bit dragged out. (I really disliked the last book.)

    I enjoy the Twilight series much more! Just not the beginning parts of New Moon because she was too complainy.

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