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Do you think Condolezza Rice would be a good V.P for John McCain?

I'll give my opinion after I see yours.

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    Yes. I believe she is the most competent, experienced, educated person to BE President of the United States. She would be a great Vice President because of her extensive resume', national, international, executive and political experience.

    I would vote for her in a New York minute to be President.

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    I don't see why candidates should choose running mates based on color...but that's another subject.

    Condi Rice is a capable woman, but if you're looking for a black V.P. what about Steele, former Gov of Maryland and RNC chairman? But picking a black woman just to "cover all the bases" is not good strategy and would be rejected as being patronizing.

    My personal choice is Bobby Jindal.

  • Anonymous
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    Personally, I think she has the experience necessary and she would attract a large percentage of the black vote. However, if you're going of morals, ethics, experience, and could attract the black vote I would go with Vernon Robinson (look him up) He's hard on crime, illegal immigration and stands for traditional values.

    I don't the the republican party or john mccain accept anyone simply because they are black or white, however Vernon Robinson happens to be black and probably would be a better candidate than either of the ones we have now.

    Source(s): Maurice... that was pretty racist wouldn't you say... you do know that black people can be racist too don't you.... I bet you've accused more people of racism than anyone here, not because your black, but because you support Obama!!!
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    I don't know enough about her stance on major issues to give you an informed answer. That being said, she is a strong and intelligent woman so she would be a perfect running mate for someone energetic and smooth talking, like Mitt Romney. McCain needs a young energetic VP

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    hey its me again

    funny you brought this up we just dicussed this at HARTLAND ehem

    ummmmm let me see

    i would say that she has the experience to do something like that. she has enough respect (for republicans mostly) yes i would put her in the top 3 of vice presidents or mccain.

    there is one personal thought i would like to add to this though, and it is that we will not have to worry about who is mccain's VP because he is not going to win. i will not say if i consider myself a rep or dem i am just goin to be fair. obama will win-not by much- but he will win. he is goin to get in by pumping up his motives to a level that will hit people that think it is a good idea -like gas prices, rebates, social security. at the same time he is drawing in much attention as he could be the first African American president and is a younger man than mccain and i beleive right now, he has the upper hand. i dont really feel like getting into politics right now, because i get too into it, but i do think mccain should start his publicity and advertiing pretty soon if he wants to win. let me tell you, it will be close, i would love to see john mccain and mrs rice, and i would love to see what obama has in his tank, and we can only wait till election day to find out. obama will be pres, and you can make fun of me all you want. i will even post something that admits i am wrong for ur sake.

    peace :)

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    with the world situation as it is, and as the main players, have no respect for women, perhaps another time, she hasn't had much success bringing about much change in the middle east

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    Yes, I think so!!!

    Ohhh but wait, the girl above has a good point.

  • 1 decade ago

    Probably not. She is too closely tied to Bush in the majority of peoples eyes

  • Josh
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    1 decade ago

    I personally think it would destroy Obama's campaign, and I am praying that it happens.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes, talented poised and free of the liberal demagougery of pelosi..excellent choice.

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