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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationOther - Cars & Transportation · 1 decade ago

is Tow Truck Driving a good Job?

Pay, hours, and little unknowns are pretty much what i wanted to know? any insight?

I love Cars and think that mechanic work is fun but not what I want to do.

I know there is danger in the job. But that doesn't scare me.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I loved driving the truck, and the feeling of helping people, but you sometimes have to be mean to people and it wasn't for me.

    first of all most companies pay on commission this means on slow weeks you dont make much, but on good weeks you make good money. you have to be prepaired to sit around broke from time to time.

    (I made 10% of all tows for the week or $200.00 whichever was greater so on a $100.00 tow I made $10.00) you figure most tows cost hookup fee and milage (mine was $45+ $.03/mile)

    now, on to being mean......

    if you tow a vehicle and the owner cannot or will not (refuses) to pay for the tow you will have to keep their car. most people consider their car a member of the family and you could have a fight on your hands (NOTE: it is considered assault if someone tries to fight you CALL DISPATCH, OR THE POLICE DON'T FIGHT WITH ANYONE this will keep you from getting into trouble.)

    You have to be able to communicate in a positive way even if you're having a bad day, people will be easier to deal with if put their mind at ease.

    Be nice and in a calm and positive manner explain what you are going to do and your company pricing before you even touch their vehicle

    in most cases you are called apon to help by jumpstarting, or unlocking a vehicle.

    unfortunatley your hours vary but I was on call 24/7 with 8 hours required actually in the shop (to answer phones, go out on duty, or auction duty)

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