What is being noble?

I hear alota young women described as being so noble n stuff? What is being noble? What other characteristics is it associate dwith?? Thanks.

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    It is an expression or word, which basically means to be committed to morality,.. ( Devotion to do good for the good of others)...IE:, To take a stance against injustice, or corruption. Or to be Honourable to sacrifice your life in the service of ones country.

    To be devoted to an ideal. Helping the less fortunate, a worth while endeavour.....The word noble,....

    Fighting for or being kind...Trying to do your best in everything humanly possible.

    A noble cause: is an idealistic task, because it is trying to do what is worthy or worth while.... in the best interest of all!....Understand?

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    Nobility is a characteristic trait, usually defined by ones deeds, but in olden times it could also be heredity, like royalty. Some use it as a mark of someone that thinks their high and mighty. And it was also an English gold coin.

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    Nobility is in 80% of the cases just a gorgeous mask ball outfit of the ego. In the other 20% it indeed implies being generous, forgiving, giving, caring, helping, moral, but then it`s usually mistaken for and mistreated as foolishness.

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    Noble, is just a shortened word for the nobility, Sirs / Nights, the lords, barons, dukes,, in one way or another, just of being of Noble birth, the chain going toward being of royalty, etc, etc, etc...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor

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