Could Bill Clinton be a Vice president of the United States?

Since Clinton served as President could he be a VP and if the President died ...could he be elevated to president again even though he has served 2 terms?

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    The issue has never been addressed by the Supreme Court - who would be the ones to decide the question, but the wording of the law does not disallow it.

    A two-term former president is prohibited from being elected to the office of president more than twice. There is no prohibition (that I know of) that a former president cannot run for VP. If the president he served under dies (or leaves office) the VP would ascend to the Presidency for the remainder of that term only.

    Some will say that amendment XII and XXII to the U.S. Constitution prevents a two-term former prez from being VP, but those amendments simply say that no person can be ELECTED to the presidency after serving two other terms, and no one is eligible to be VP if they are not eligible to be President. Under article 2 of the Costitution, no person is eligible for the presidency if they are not: 1. a natural-born citizen of the United States; 2. at least thirty-five years old; 3. a permanent resident in the United States for at least fourteen years.

    There is no prohibition on a president being selected and elected to the vice-presidency, unless they are disqualified under art. 2. There is no law explicitly prohibiting it, no amendment to the constitution prohibiting it, and the Supreme Court has not interpreted the law to prohibit it. Additionally, nothing prevents a former president from ascending to the presidency from the vice-presidency for the remainder of an existing term. A two-term former prez just cannot be ELECTED to the PRESIDENCY.

    However, Congress may have an independent ability to prevent BILL CLINTON from being vice-president or president, because he was IMPEACHED.

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    Initially I said no, but upon further research, I have to say it is possible.

    Say, for example, Barack Obama picked Bill Clinton to be his VP. Clinton is ineligible to be "elected" President again because he served two full terms. But he is not necessarily restricted from being Vice President since even if he became President again it would not be through an *election*. It would be through right of succession. The 22nd amendment only prohibits his *election* to office, not to his serving in that office for another term through some way other than election. The 12th Amendment would not, therefore be a bar because as VP Clinton would be eligible to serve as President, even if he could not be elected President.

    It gets even more interesting. Theoretically, a candidate could serve two terms, then run for Vice President every four years subsequent, make a deal with the Presidential candidate that he would resign on day 1 and then the VP would take over as President. In this way, one person could hold the office for life. However, whether the voters would put up with such an obvious attempt to subvert the spirit of the Constitution is another question entirely. Doubtful - very doubtful.

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    Bill Clinton could be a vice president. But the maximum someone can be president is 2 terms or 10 years. So he could be president for a maximum of 2 more years should he be the vp and the sitting president die. Then there would be either a general election or the speaker of the house would take over.

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    As you can see reading the 22nd appendment ( which is the one restricting Presidential Service ) only applies to election to the office of President. Yes Clinton could indeed be elected as Vice President and from there become president through succession. He just can't be elected to the office of President. And yes according to the 12th ammendment a VP must be eligible to be President. But If you read the 22nd Amendment carefully Clinton IS eligible to be president. Just not eligible to RUN for President.

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    Yes, I believe he could. But it would be a constiutional question that would be argued over.

    The constitution prevents him from being "elected" to more than two terms as president. It does not prevent him from serving more than two terms only from being "elected" to more than two terms.

    It does not prevent him from being appointed or elected to vice president and it would not prevent him from becoming president again if he were VP and the president died.

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    Legally yes he could be elected to VP (and therefore could serve as President if the President died or became incapacitated), but he could not be elected to be President again.

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    There is an Amendment to the Constitution that claims that a president can only serve 2 terms. If Bill was a VP, even if the president lives through their term, it would still be a violation of that.

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    Yes, if Hillary won the election and became president, she could have appointed her husband as VP.

    However, since he has been president for 8 years, he could only be president for another 2 years. Therefore, the Speaker of the House would become president instead should of something happen to her.

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    He could serve out 2 yrs. of the President's term. He can serve no more than 10 years..that's 2 full terms & 2 yrs.

    I hear ya David H., most who've answered on this don't even understand the question, much less know the answer...they shouldn't attempt trying to answer. It's scary to think they are being allowed to vote!

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    No, that is not possible, the VP would have to stand in, as you said, if the President perished. So he can't, since he already served twice.

    Source(s): I doubt anyone would elect him when he could only serve the 2 years, but maybe!
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